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Physical Therapy

"They call this Physical Therapy, but I call it Physical Torture. Put. Treat. In. Mouth. Now."   -  320/365 In typical Sibe fashion, Juno sometimes ignores the lowly single treat offered to her and instead, knocks over the treat jar, helping herself to a floor full of treats.

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Occupied 318/365

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'Shroom Season

One Down - 316/365 It's mushroom season here in Santa Cruz Mountains. The forest provides a variety of mushroom species and I don't know much about any of them. 

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Fickle Siberian Husky

Fickle Sibe - 315/365 The Princess Juno grants the barbarian, Mr. Wild Dingo, a kiss withdrawl from the Royal Bank of Siberia. Later tonight, he will receive a long, 1-minute growl whenever he enters any room in which she resides.

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Dark-eyed Junco

314/365 Dark-eyed Junco, a type of sparrow found all around the Pacific. I love to watch them when it rains. They flock to the ground in huge numbers foraging for seed.

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Every Girl's Crazy about a Sharp-Dressed Man

312/365 "Princess, do you think this coat makes me look like some Bozo from Lamesville?" "Negative Daddy-O. That drape has you all sharped up. You look like a real killer-diller." Happy New Year Readers!

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Post Holiday Blues

"Sigh. The holidays wipe me out. All that extra barking at the FedEx and UPS intruders. Plus the added patrolling at night for Santa Paws is more than one guard dog can manage. I either need a raise or a retirement package."  311/365

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Huskies Wait for No One

310/365 "Hey, hurry up slow pokes! There are hundreds of critters that need my immediate attention!" 

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Cyclamen, a popular flower grown in the winter all around the neighborhood. - 309/365 Cyclamens have a tuber, from which the flowers and roots grow. In most species, leaves come up in autumn, grow through the winter, and die in spring, then the plant goes dormant through the dry Mediterranean summer.

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Family Day

Nothing puts more pep in their step like Family Day. I could be imagining it but they seem happier when Mr. Wild Dingo is on the walk with us. 308/365

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