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Don't Fence Me In

Don't Fence Me In

June 1, 2009
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This month's banner is dedicated to Juno and her tenacity to escape any man-made device to keep her contained in one 3000 square-foot area. It really is absurd how hard we try to keep her from her natural roaming desires and to think that we could out smart her crafty ways. She's biten through wires, cables, wood, paper, vinyl and leather. There are about 152 holes dug in the dog yard from her attempts to find her way to Siberia and escape the torture of living in a very comfortable home, with more than one comfortable bed, acres of land to explore, a generously sized dog yard, an endless supply of dog treats, pig ears and bully sticks, a doting mom and dad  and a ridiculous Formosan dog who guards her from harm.  I cannot believe how naughty this dog is when left to her own devices. Thankfully, when we leave her with Loki, all is good with our fences, home and everything else. On the days I take Loki to training, I go through obsessive compulsive rituals in locking things down, providing plenty of chew items and I spray everything I can think of with Bitter Apple Yuck. I also pray. Now I'm not a religious gal, but I like to cover my basis so I also pray to every God and saint I can think of that I'll come home to find her first, safe and sound and second, my house in a reasonable condition, or at least not torn to shreds. I've yet to find one thing that will work. Each week, I drive down the driveway and there she is, somehow escaped from the dog yard, sitting in the driveway, then bouncing up to my car as if to say, "You've been fluffinated!"

This week, we took her to school with Loki (that's another story) and Scott installed more wiring over the lath and wood fenced areas. I've already predicted which route she'll take next because I've seen bite evidence in the fence line. Yes, I could crate her. But frankly, I prefer she keep what's left of her teeth since she's already shown how much she enjoys chewing her way out of plastic and metal wire crates.

Sigh. As far as I know, we're actually very lucky as huskies go. She's very low-key and she's well-behaved when there is another dog or person with her. She's just a raving lunatic when left alone.

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