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Brawn or Brains?

Brawn or Brains?

July 8, 2009
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Everyone sorely mistakes Juno for the shy, not-too-smart member of our family. But anyone who knows Siberian Huskies, knows just how crafty they can be to get exactly what they want. And Juno is no different. This past year, though Juno has always submitted to Loki's bully behavior, she slowly has found devious ways of leveraging a higher status.

One of Loki's favorite method's of control over Juno is her bullying her access through doors and rooms. It took a while for me to recognize what he was doing was not play, before I got him to stop. Occasionally, he'll still try it though. Can't blame a bad boy for trying I guess.

Here, Juno finally gives him a taste of his own medicine and tells him when he can come and go through the tree house.


Like another great beauty, Helen of Troy, Juno appreciates the view from the walls of her fortress.


A rapacious invader approaches.


The Barbarian's advance will not go unchallenged!


She sallies forth to meet her foe.


Like Hector and Achilles, they grapple in epic battle.


Athena's wisdom favors the Husky as she parries the Formosan's thrust.


Juno vanquishes the barbarian back to the lowlands.


"Well, that didn't go so well for ya, did it?"


"Now you stay up there you barbarian and think about your actions. I will not let you down until you've mended your behavior."

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One comment on “Brawn or Brains?”

  1. Queen Natasha, ever my evil child, is also clearly my alpha. One of her favorite games is to get chase going through the dog doors (one at the dog room and one from the porch to the dog yard). She takes off and the others are in pursuit. But as she swings wide in the dog yard and enters the porch again, she is so fast that she is expanding her lead. After several laps of this, she has such a commanding lead, she can play her trick. She enters the porch, but stops rather than continuing to the dog room. She turns and plays her muscular body across the front of the dog door. Whoever is next in line tries to enter the door, but is stopped cold since it will not open. And the others behind pile up in a massive Siberian collision. Natasha grins, and saunters away like she is totally innocent.

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