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Morning Shenanigans

Morning Shenanigans

July 7, 2009
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Every morning is routine here at Wild Dingo. Get up, go outside. Clean up dog yard and put up with the ridiculous antics of two very attention-needy dogs. Mr. Wild Dingo has a hard time believing that Juno can be a tough little gal and stand up to Loki. Juno never displays her confidence or strength in front of him to see. Tomorrow's story we'll show just how tough she really is. For now, here she is at her best trying to get that bully to be a better playmate.


"Hi tough-guy, lookin' for a little action?"


"Arrrrahahrrrraahrrrarrhhh....my mouwf is bigger than your mouwf! Ararrraaarrararragggh!"


"How about I take that toy off your jaw for a little bit?"


Real unaltered photographic evidence that the husky can be as ferocious as that bully of a Formosan dog!
Just look at those gums!
Now, Mr. Wild Dingo, do you believe me?

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