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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Hot Dogs

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Hot Dogs

July 1, 2009
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This month's masthead celebrates one of America's favorite junk foods. I don't think I would ever got the Husky to do a single thing without the magic of hot dogs. Marker training rules. Even for low drive dogs, like the Husky. Loki? He'll do anything just for his marker word and some praise. For a hot dog, well, he'd probably rescue a baby from a burning building or land a 747 jet plane.  Juno? Well, she needs a little more motivation to come, heel or roll over. At least initially. And she cannot resist the hot dog. It doesn't take long to ween her off the dogs and just get her working for praise, but initially, she needs them to learn a new thing that she's afraid of. Which is about everything. She's especially afraid of Mr. Wild Dingo.  Looks like he'll be carrying those hot dogs for a long time!

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