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Second Annual Rockin' July 4th Holiday Week

Second Annual Rockin' July 4th Holiday Week

July 6, 2009
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dsc01609-smallLast July 4th, Wild Dingo’s rock star lifestyle took a back seat to a white picket fence and dog yard for our wild beast. This year, Mr. Wild Dingo wielded the tool belt and power tools to build a tree house—for the dogs. And as usual, it took a lot of work on both our parts.

Here’s what Mr. Wild Dingo did:

  1. Bought and read some books on hi-wind-exposed tree house design
  2. Bought the wood, hardware and rope
  3. Recycled old netting left over from Nitwit Bridge project
  4. Bought patio pillows for dog beds at a furniture sale (like those are gonna last)
  5. Measured stuff
  6. Wore a tool belt for two days
  7. Mitered, ripped, and chain-sawed the wood
  8. Climbed a ladder one-thousand, forty-two times
  9. Drilled 87 holes for safety railings
  10. Used 27 power tools, such as nail gun, miter saw & auger bit
  11. Lifted heavy boards
  12. Asked for my help once or twice in holding something
  13. Installed rope railing and netting
  14. Installed plank
  15. At Juno’s request, installed slats on plank


Here’s what I did:

  1. Complained that the design may take away Juno’s favorite tree stump
  2. Pretended to understand the drawings and approved the design
  3. Held a 2x6 board on one end for 30 seconds
  4. Eased county inspectors concerns on new construction
  5. Took notes on home improvements and handed list to Mr. Wild Dingo for county dog-ficial compliance
  6. Held a housewarming for the new occupants/inspectors and Wild Dingo Construction
  7. Took photos

Good thing we only do these once per year. I don't think I have the stamina to do that much work on a regular basis.


Wild Dingo begins construction on a new home.


County Dog-ficials were alerted to new construction so Permit Inspectors show up.


"Um...excuse me Ma'me, do you have a permit for this new building?"


"Well as long as there's no running water, we'll allow it.
But make sure the piers are 25 feet deep per earthqauake regulations."


"Sheer" wall goes in.


This Inspector prefers to maintain her Victorian lady-like dignity while the boys work outside.


There's nothing hotter than a husband weilding a tool belt working the power tools.
Loki's ears tell us he's not all too certain he likes the going's on around his yard.


Sometimes I think he can't get more handsome. Then he pulls out a pose like this.


Behold! The Treehouse.


County Inspectors doing what they do best: nothing.


Occupants move in.


This Inspector requested safer on-ramp/exit ramp.


So she got miniture stair-stops.


I am Juno Belle Starling and I approve this on-ramp.


 There seems to be plenty of ventilation in this house.

More tree house shennanigans to be posted later this week!

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8 comments on “Second Annual Rockin' July 4th Holiday Week”

  1. well from what i've seen your dogs did to their "dog" room and sofa, I don't think they'll have a paw to stand on. so don't worry about a dog-suit! they deserve stone seats! LOL!

  2. OMG, the pose with the crossed legs and perked ears! Just like Sugar! I have this great picture of 5 dogs laying on top of a mound of dirt at the dog park. Sugar is at the very top, sitting pretty, staring down at everyone with her front legs crossed. She has the exact expression as Loki. Classic.

    What an awesome idea. Mr. Wild Dingo did a great job (with your help, of course.) Looks like tremendous fun for the pups.

  3. Miss Rosie and Miss Happy are busily completing their permit application for Mr. Starling to construct a similar design at their abode. At the very least, they would like to negotiate visitation rights.
    Lucky dogs!

  4. That house is FANTASTIC! Lucky Loki and Juno. Poppy the Large and her underling, Logan's Cosmic Hambone, think that that house would be great to catch those hated squirrels and racoons from. I think that it would be great to just lay around and read in it. We are jealous! When is the housewarming?

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