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Happy Holidogs and New Year

Hey faithful friends and readers! We're not dead. We've just avoided blogging for a while. We have many stories to share including a travel story or two that happened over the late fall, but we'll put that on hold to wish you all a very Happy New Year. The pups had a pretty nice holiday. […]

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Alls I'm sayin' is, if this dude comes hippity hoppity down your lane, knocks on your door with those tiny arms and paws, and calls himself the Easter Bunny, ask to see his ID. Filed under: Things you see across from a Christian Church in Santa Cruz Mountains

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BLT Canapes : Happy New Year

BLT Canapes for Appetizer Night - 313/365 "What do you want for New Year's Eve dinner," I asked Mr. Wild Dingo. "BLT's," he replied. So I made these bad boys: BLT Canapes with basil and garlic mayonnaise. They are a bit tedious to make but super simple and oh so delicious! We tend to do […]

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Twelve Step Program

"Sigh. I wish Santa Paws would come every day."  - 307/365

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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks -277/365 “Princess, it's Thanksgiving Day and we should give thanks. I’m thankful for Aunt Diane to take care of us while Mom and Pop are visiting relatives today.” "Big Boy, I’m thankful you know how to open the closet door where they keep their precious flip flops and Danskos so I can show […]

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T-Rex Rocks July 4th

I love my neighborhood. Here I am, walking the dogs this morning bumming about not having a cool July 4-th photo for my daily project and then I see this. Nothing says America like Uncle Sam riding T-rex with a (stars to the right) American flag, symbolizing that we are never running away, but we are […]

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Memorial Day

Honoring and thankful to those who've served and sacrificed.

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Dingo Bells

Long time readers will recognize this month's masthead from December 2009. I took a short cut and repeated one of my favorite cracker and criminal holiday adventures. As usual, Lyme and Co-infections company has left little in the bank for creativity. But the good news is, I'm getting closer to recovery. I swear internet. With […]

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Independence for All

When I came home last night, Mr. Wild Dingo told me the dogs found a King Snake under an old oak stump near our weed field sitting area. So I asked him, "Does he live there or was he passing through?" Mr. Wild Dingo's all, "you know, I didn't ask him." Yes, Internet, these are […]

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Even the Naughty Get Presents

By the end of the day, that Santa the subject of a Formosan-Siberian Tug-0-War. The Formosan ended up with the red jacket and the Sibe took the naked Santa as her prize.

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