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Deuce of Trouble

Deuce of Trouble

September 3, 2009
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"Hey Daddy, O. Who's that black lab at the end of the bench? He's dogging us. Doesn't seem to care if we know it or not."
"Cupcake, ain't nothin' you can tell me I don't already know."


"Then let's give him the south paw and blow this joint, the music's dead here."
"Look baby, chill your chat. I'm about to come apart like a two-bit suitcase."


"I don't mean maybe baby. This one's an ace in the hole."
"Honey, you know trouble is my line of business. But deal me out. I'm not getting busted over a square from Delaware."

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8 comments on “Deuce of Trouble”

  1. Oh pahhlease Khyra... you of all pups know better... an evil thinking sibe is the only kind of sibe. she's a big poop disturber for poor 'ole Loki who's only trying to beat his bad rap.

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