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It's a Ruff Life

It's a Ruff Life

September 17, 2009
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Now that Wild Dingo's readers have populated to the dozens, there've been a few requests to see NitWit trail, the trail that leads right outside our home to NitWit bridge, eventually to civilization and ends with a decision of where to explore for the day. The shots below were taken from a variety of walks during different parts of the day, so you'll have to bear with the inconsistencies in lighting. Wild Dingo is not responsible for any boredom you may experience in reading this post.



Mr. Wild Dingo is annoyed. Having just ridden his bike 60 miles, he now has to pose for a mug shot. Life is ruff.


We start out on the trail. Note, it's a climb. Nothing annoys Loki more than being 2 paces behind. And nothing pleases me more than to annoy my FMD.  Bowhahahah.


 Typically we walk down with the twosome, but lately I've been working their obedience and leave them at the top. The poles to the left were just put in. In tomorrow's post, you'll see why.


If you squint you can see the 2 at the top of the hill.
"Hey, cupcake, did you hear them say 'come'?"
"Yes sirie daddy o, I think I heard "treat" too."


"Last one there is a rotten egg!"


Entrance to NitWit Bridge. It takes all of Juno's greatest strength to sit and wait for this shot. Note the red wood tree below the planks and the black hose for our water line. We are true hill billies.


Since you're all familiar with NitWit Bridge, we'll skip right to the stairs. Just because they are stairs doesn't make them any easier to climb. They're pretty steep! Who puts stairs in the woods anyway? Princesses do!


After the stairs, there's still more climbing to do. Loki's whining is about to make me jump off of NitWit so I let him go to Scott. No sooner does he get there, he begins to whine because I'm not up there with them. Damn dog can't make up his mind.


Another mini bridge. This shot is included purely for lighting reasons.


Loki being "loki."


Guard dogs keeping out the Interlopers.
This is where our trail ends and we get to choose from a variety of places to explore and continue our walk, school grounds, tree farms, long deserted roads.


On the way home and on the way back to NitWit Bridge. To the right, there is some old foundation from an old home burned to the ground in the '89 earthquake.


Posers. Mr. Wild Dingo still looks curmudgeonly and less than pleased to pose. Sigh. Now I know why I married him.


On the way "down" to NitWit Bridge. Again, poles in place to the right. Dogs are really well behaved about walking behind us and not pulling ahead. Those skillet beatings really pay off.


"Hey Retardo up there, whatchya waitin' for? Ahhh hahahah... huskies are faster than Retardo Montalban!"


Top of the stairs leading to the bridge.


Nothing worse than being left behind. Especially in Loki's case. That's what his first owner did to him.


After the bridge, the walk back up.


When I'm walking them both, I'm usually pretty happy to have a sled dog about now. I throw out all "heeling" obedience and just let her pull.


Home again.
"Hey Retardo, I totally kicked your butt on this walk today."
"Muffin, it ain't over the the fat husky sings. And I'll have you singing in about 30 seconds."

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8 comments on “It's a Ruff Life”

  1. Ooooh! I love these pictures! I especially like the view between Loki's ears as he watches Mr. Wild Dingo and Juno cross the Trippy-Trap - umm... I mean Nit-Wit Bridge! What a great shot!
    Thanks for the walking tour! I can't wait to hear about the poles!

  2. Keep it up and one day woo will have dozens and dozens and dozens of faithful readers....

    Tanks fur the walk!

    I think my pantyloons got a bit dusty but my tongue says I'm happy!


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