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Ranger NitWit

Ranger NitWit

September 18, 2009
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"Oh boy, a new tug toy. Now THATS what I'm talkin' 'bout!"


"Um, err ... Pop ... err ... Ranger, that's not what I had in mind for my new tug toy."


"Hey there Ranger, where ya goin' with my new tug toy?"


"Hey Sweetpea, lets say you and me take off with this new tug toy and show the bi-peds how to properly use it."
"Dude, whatever, I'm only in this for the walk."


"Hey there Pop ... Err ...  Ranger Nitwit ... whatchya doin'?"
"I'm looking for my loose screws that I dropped Loki."


"Hey cupcake, did you know Pop had a few screws loose?"
"Takes one to know one, big boy."

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8 comments on “Ranger NitWit”

  1. Wooooo! Tuggy tuggy tug! Can I come over and play?
    PS: Mom keeps a jar of marbles in her Studio - so when she thinks she's lost them, she can look at the jar and say, "Nope. There they are!" Mom scares me sometimes.......

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I trained Jackal to stand (kick back style) by having him sit and sliding my foot between his front feet so he'd jump back, then as soon as he was on all four I'd click and treat. It didn't take too long for him to get it. One of his harder ones, but he's a bit slow anyways lol. Not like the German Shepherds I grew up teaching. They caught on quick! Anyway keep us updated on how trainings going. I love hearing about new tricks and behaviors.

  3. Wow, would that rope even fit into your mouth? Humans are pretty helpless to get anything done.


    Ps. To answer your question, we do get to go out into the entire backyard, but now that we have the new yard, we are always supervised since somepup (okay, okay, me) likes to dig.

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