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I Thought I Could Trust Her by Now

I Thought I Could Trust Her by Now

October 10, 2009
Posted in: Dogs | Reading Time: 1 minute

Silly me.


Shoes: 0, Juno: 17

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10 comments on “I Thought I Could Trust Her by Now”

  1. Heehee! Don't give an inch when it comes to those pesky shoes! You let them in just a little bit and then next thing you know, they'll take over the entire closet! Good work keeping those shoes at bay!

    *kissey face*

  2. Woo. I taught my mom never to leave food on the counter. Or on top of the magic cold box. Perhaps Juno is trying to teach you to put your shoes in the closet and to shut the door. We're always working, you know.

  3. Nice to meet you! That whole sneaker thing doesn't seem like a big deal. Just softening them up so you don't get blisters, right?


  4. I'm in the dog house tonight too for tearing up some of the new sod. Mom only left me out in the yard unsupervised for a couple minutes, but that's all I needed to make my move.


  5. Mom learned when Dakota and I were pups that it made more sense to let us have her old sneakers than to take a chance on us getting the new ones. We outgrew our shoe fetish after a couple of years and a few pair of chewed up Nikes.

    Woos, Phantom

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