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Tree Fallin'!

Tree Fallin'!

October 30, 2009
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"We had absolutlely nothing to do with this.  And if you ask one more question, we're calling our lawyer."

How lucky am I to have a brother (who's not really a "dog" person)  fly down from Seattle to dog sit my two monsters, err... lovely canines while I took a visit to the East Coast for Mr. Wild Dingo's ancient reunion at Annapolis and a visit to my parental units?  Sure, I cajoled and bribed him with free yoga classes, a full tank of gas in the convertible mini cooper, museum tickets, a stocked fridge and a gift certificate to Nicks in Los Gatos. But seriously, who would fly across 2 states just to dog sit?  AND on top of it, post a few blogs about them while I'm away?

I'm thinking he:

  1. is an awesome person to do such a rediculous favor
  2. really wanted to do yoga for free
  3. was sick to death of me begging him
  4. secretly liked my dogs
  5. figured he'd put this favor in the bank for when he needs something rediculous from me

So, TravelMarc came down for eight days, and TravelMark came along for 3 or 4. TravelMarc endured a wildfire only 8 miles away, a wind storm, power outages and a fallen tree. He insisted that Loki & Juno were the best behaved dogs he ever dog sat. Wow! Now that's some honor! Wait a minute... just how many dogs has he ever dog sat anyway??And seriously, how gullible does TravelMarc have to be to believe the Sibe who claimed the bunnies stole his shoe, not once but twice? Seriously TravelMarc. These dogs=not good!

The worst part of the TravelMarx's generosity? They left a meatloaf in the fridge for us when we got home. Rats. Now I'm really in the hole!

We didn't take many photos in Annapolis. That's mostly because we were, errr... incapacitated a lot.


Is it me, or is this bench happy to see me?


The B&B we stayed in in CT.


Part of the back yard at our B&B. There's something dreadfully wrong with this photo. There are no dogs running amuck this grand green yard!

Must keep photo away from dogs or I will pay dearly for not taking them with us. It's good to be back. We'll catch up with all the cyber-dog-pals shortly.

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11 comments on “Tree Fallin'!”

  1. We need to figure out who all the Marc and Mark and Marx are but they sure are nice to help out. They did a great job with the posts too. We agree, you may be in for a bigtime favor. And it is good to have you back.

    Happy Howloween, the OP Pack

  2. Yep. He's definitely banking this favor for something really big. Because even two dogs and a Mini Cooper doesn't exactly make you equal on the favor scale. And I think you both look guilty in that first picture. I would DEFINITELY call a lawyer before saying anything else!

    *kissey face*

  3. It appears that the pups did some landscaping while you were gone.

    Who ever knows what motivates the people? But I suspect that the TravelDude actually likes you two. Who wouldn't?


  4. Wow what a huge tree! You are very lucky to have such nice family members -- my humans parents don't like animals at all and so they were never allowed pets when they were little and their brothers and sisters aren't that keen either, so they are the only ones! The rest of their family think they are mad! 🙂

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