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Say What?

Say What?

December 15, 2009
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Wild Dingo Big News Contest Clue #2

Loki and Juno are getting a new trainer!  



planet blue dogPlanet Blue Dog has generously donated some of the doggie prizes you see below!

I recently met the owner of Planet Blue Dogat a dog show and if feels like I've known her my whole life. Dogs. Something about them that connects you to great people! This company has the most AWESOME toys and treats. Loki and Juno have devoured and enjoyed may hours with their hand-made, earth-friendly rope toys and they go crazy for the Salmon treats. Don't tell them, but I think Santa will be stuffing their stocking with these items as well!

Check out Planet Blue Dog and sign up for their monthly newsletter featuring training tips, new product announcements and special offers.

The Prize from Planet Blue Dog:

chase-itChase It...Dogs Love It!
Fun for puppies, dogs, cats and people of all ages. Grab onto the ergonomic handle and move the toy in a circular, zig zag or lunging motion and watch your pets enthusiastic reaction! At first, most pets do not realize a human is activating it. A game of chase has never been this much fun! The toy is attached with a velcro strap and, therefore, is replaceable. The Chase-It collapses (telescopic) to 18" and extends to about 48".

salmon-pawsSalmon Paws
Human-Grade Wild Salmon caught in the pristine waters of Alaska. Unlike many other salmon treats out on the market today, it is made from 100% Pure Salmon Meat with NO Bones, Fillers or other ingredients. Only the finest salmon is used to hand-make these premium pet treats. You can try it too! It makes an excellent training treat, because it brakes up easily into small pieces without crumbling.

The winner may also receive a gift from one of the clues shown this week.


You can't win if you don't play!

  1. Contestants can enter a guess of what Wild Dingo's Big Breaking News is, as many times as they’d like in the comments section of Wild Dingo’s posts. The first contestant to guess the breaking news will win but will not be announced until Friday. So if a correct guess was made on Wednesday, it won’t be known until Friday. I know, maybe its silly, but its my contest and I’m the boss.
  2. Anybody who actually knows the breaking news can participate but they cannot guess the right answer. Instead, they get to participate in a much more sinister way. They are allowed to make as many silly guesses, completely unrelated to the actual breaking news in order to confuse real contestants.
  3.  If there is no winner, the “real” contestant who has the most creative guess, or closest guess, will be the winner.
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20 comments on “Say What?”

  1. Furry butts and new trainers?? I'm confused! Is Loki going to enter a competition of some kind? Or learn a new sport like CO, Tracking, S&R, something like that with their new trainer?

  2. Okay, we're guessing your parents are going to Assisi Italy to see where St. Francis (patron saint of animals) used to live. When they get there, they are going to have Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate and look at lingerie shops.

    If this contest gets any more bizarre we are going to have to use Google Earth to find our way home! BOL!

  3. You're getting a new puppy? A mountain dog, perhaps? You know, they drool BUCKETS of slobber, can't walk a straight line, and are kinda dopey. Prime torture material. Just sayin...;-)

  4. Okay. So the clues have something to do with pantyloons and Heidi. Also your Dogter already knows the answer, so maybe that's a clue. I really want to win those salmon treats. Is your mom going to have a puppy that looks like Heidi? Maybe a foreign exchange student?

    I hope there is another clue tomorrow that makes more sense to me.

  5. The pups and I are guessing either an exchange student or a baby...either could wear pantaloons/jodhoppers and be a new boss.

  6. I am guessing baby, too, although it's more of a random guess than anything based on the clues that have been given.

    Linda of Bo

  7. Oh man... i'm having brain farts... excuse me.
    I'm with steve... the clues don't make much sense to me.
    hmm big butts.. smiles.. a blonde. Sir Mix Alot is coming for Christmas.

  8. Too hard for the Mango! I am confused by the blond maiden. Are you getting a new human? I sure hope it isn't some wacko trainer lady. Eeesh!


  9. My superior Boston Terrier brains have solved the riddle!
    Your pawrents are taking a trip to Europe, perhaps to the Northern Alps Lakes.While there, they will also endeavour to beg/borrow/steal a pair of Vatican City Swiss Guard pantyloons as a miracle cure for hip dysplasia, all the while singing "The hills are alive with the sound of music"
    (she looks more Austrian than Swiss to me)
    Travelmarx booked the trip for them and Dogtor H will be your doggie-sitter.
    Send those sweet treats over, mon bébé!
    The Maman sez she loves your blog by the way.

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