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Year: 2010

Holiday Spirit

  I'm not much of a holiday person. In fact, it wouldn't be a stretch to call me Scrooge or Grinch on the holidays. I roll my eyes every time I see ridiculously overly decorated homes. I don't put up a tree, but I'll decorate the house a bit with lights, holiday colors and candles. […]

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Searching for NitWit En Suisse

We've been missing NitWit Bridge. Remember, our trippy trappy 90-foot long suspension bridge over a 40 foot drop to a river that we installed but did not engineer? (In other words, if we fell, it would be our own fault.) We would cross it every day and sometimes we even proofed our down-during-a-recall on it! Oh those were […]

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He's Making His List, Checking it Twice, He's Gonna Find Out...

... that two more made it to his naughty list. First lets look at the criminal.   "What exatly do you want me to say about this Mom?"

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If the Shoe Fits

Oddly with a title like that, this post is not about Juno! It's about Loki. Mr. Wild Dingo often comments that I portray Loki as dumb. Then I remind him that it was he who nicknamed him Retardo Montalban. And as much as I'd love to use that name on this blog, I know it […]

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Encore Une Fois Smackdown Sibérie: Dans La Neige

Since we moved to Switzerland, pack dynamics have changed a bit. Juno's hips have gotten a bit worse and she isn't as likely to play rough with Loki anymore. I'm sure it bums out Loki not to have a really rough tumble anymore.  Still, he's bit of an idiot bully with her and tends to push her […]

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Swiss Made Art

While the TravelMarx were here we visited Bern (otherwise known as Berne) in hopes of going to the Paul Klee or Einstein museum. But it was Monday and all the museums were closed. Because of the stress of having to stay open on a Sunday (seriously, that's what the books say, it's the stress of working […]

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WTF? Where is Our Snow?

"WTF? Something is seriously wrong here."

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Je N'Aime Pas Dire Au Revoir

  The TravelMarx left on Friday, after spending two extra days being snowed in with airport and airline shut downs. I really hated seeing them leave. Yes, those are my new boots I'm modeling in the photo. Don't worry. I already bought another pair by now. One specifically for dog walking.  I'm thinking I need at […]

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Winter Woonderland

December's masthead celebrates our new adventures in a new climate. Neither dog has ever experienced snow so it has been a blast taking in their delight and wonder at the powdery stuff. At first Juno seemed indifferent to the weather, but the more the snow falls, the more she seems to enchanted with it. She savors being belly-deep in […]

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More Snow Funballs

While Wild Dingo's personal photographer, TravelMarx, are excellent at taking photos, they have fallen below average in downloading the most recent to Wild Dingo's computer.  So while they're doing some boring, fascinating tour of some Nuclear & Partical Physics Lab in Geneva, (yawn), I'm posting the rest of the photos from our weeked of funballs time […]

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