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Year: 2010

Unconditioned Cow Crackery

So you're probably already thinking, "WTF does that title even mean?" Well if you've ever met Loki, you know he's a cracked out mess with anything that he's never seen before. "Ya, I see the cows, but they better not look at me!"

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Eight Little Lessons

Living in Switzerland has been extremely educational for Mr. Wild Dingo and I.  Unfortunately, our education is not about French or German. It's not about skiing or alpine walking. It's not even about the diverse Swiss history. Our education is much more profound than all of that. On Saturday, we started out with a laundry list of small […]

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Look Who's Cracker Now

  Rarely, do I ever catch Juno looking like or acting like a goofball, or worse, cracker. She's much too sly for the camera to catch her looking less than perfect. But every now and then, I'm able to catch her behaving just as cracked out as Loki, who is pretty much cracker whenever he's […]

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Lost in Translation

This morning I woke up and found the dogs downstairs reading the local news. They didn't look too pleased. Let me take that back. Juno didn't look pleased. Loki, well, he just looked confused. "Hey Mom. Did you see this morning's '24 Heures'?" Why No Juno, I haven't. Why the long face?

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I Suppose This Will Do

This month's masthead features another stunning photo right outside our office window taken from this photo below.   The dogs are settling in and are finally starting to appreciate living here. Loki's resigned himself to "making do" with this terrible living arrangement. One look out the window on any given day and we all find […]

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Breaking the Mastication Fast

So yesterday I was getting ready to write a post to mock all the Dansko Pool Players, calling them "amateurs,"  because who did they think I was? A new Siberian owner? Then Mr. Wild Dingo and I came home from our anniversary dinner to this: Wait, it's my yoga block. And it's in the foyer. Hmm. […]

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Nine years ago today we tied the knot. Who knew where we'd be going? Who knew we'd rescue these two? Who knew I'd have to buy new shoes every few months? Who knew we'd be living in here in Switzerland? None of this was planned. The best things in life never are. Happy Anniversary Mr. […]

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Just Outside Our Door

One of the hardest things about living here is deciding where to walk each day. I know I mentioned it before but there are literally hundreds of trails and different directions I can take just outside my house.It's not like hour home in California, there were probably a half a dozen walks at best and […]

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Dansko Betting Pool

Alert readers will note a new feature in the right side bar: The Dansko Betting Pool. The Betting Pool is now open to take bets on the number of days my Dansko shoes survive.  The house (me) bets that shoes will last for 180 days or more. If they don't make it to that fateful day, […]

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The Welcome Home Committee

Below is a video I took on one of Mr. Wild Dingo's home coming from a business trip shortly after we came to live here in August. The house is a bit empty and both dogs are excited to have him home. I'm posting it so the Internet knows what kind of cracker the three of us […]

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