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Searching for NitWit En Suisse

Searching for NitWit En Suisse

December 22, 2010
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We've been missing NitWit Bridge. Remember, our trippy trappy 90-foot long suspension bridge over a 40 foot drop to a river that we installed but did not engineer? (In other words, if we fell, it would be our own fault.)

We would cross it every day and sometimes we even proofed our down-during-a-recall on it! Oh those were our wild and crazy days. And we miss it madly. Now that we're in a new country, we've been looking around for a bridge we can call NitWit so we can feel like it's home.

So we finally got around to trying a trail close to our house called the Trout Trail (Le Sentier de la Truite). It's a nature trail along side a river of trout from Lully to Morges and St. Prex. We only did a short section of it. Round trip from our house is 1-hour. I've been wanting to hike it for a while but twice Loki freaked out and wanted to go home. In his defense, both days were hot and we didn't have water.

"Hey Muffin, does this remind you of NitWit bridge?"
"Stud, this is so NOT NitWit. It's concrete, sturdy and only about three or four feet from the river."

Part of the trail goes behind large pastures that I am so tempted to unleash them. But of course I do not. Oh wait, they aren't hooked up to anything in this shot.

There's a nice resting spot for some nice photo-opps. After the rest I let them explore the river off lead.

"Tra-la-la. I sure like sushi. I wonder if I can eat what I catch?"  Just a Sweet Sibe minding her own business when...

The fun police arrive.

"Cupcake get out of there NOW! Get out! Get out! Get out!"
"Ah pipe down motor mouth. An ant couldn't get hurt in this river."

"I sure don't like the looks of this river. It looks dangerous. Like it can get me!"

"I'm so outta here."
Don't worry Internet. His feet were never in danger of getting wet.

"How about this, Muffin? Can this be our Swiss NitWit? "
"It's more like a NitNot. But don't worry. I'm pretty sure you qualify for the position."

Sigh. Ever the smart-ass that Juno.  We  may not find a NitWit Bridge En Suisse so close to home, but I'm pretty sure we'll find something that will work. In the mean time, we'll explore the other parts of the Trout Trail when the weather is good for forest hiking.

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11 comments on “Searching for NitWit En Suisse”

  1. Maybe that can be a baby NitWit or something. It's hardly dangerous though since it's not very high. But I guess if you are afraid to get your paws wet, any bridge over water has a chance of being dangerous!


  2. From the description of your NitWit bridge, my mom would never have crossed it! She is scared to death of that sort of thing! The NitNot looks much safer!


  3. I'm thinking the Swiss haven't built anything EVER that could fall into the NitWit category (except for possibly their Swiss Guard uniforms, or those silly parking spots you've got to deal with...) mostly because there are probably laws against it! 😉

    Merry Christmas! (Why does it look so fall-like there? We've got TONS of snow. Literally.) And for the record, Santa DID get a wee dram of the 'aqua vitae' (where 'Santa' is me... I left the dog cookies for the girls)...

    -Liz, et al.

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