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Doggie Gras

Doggie Gras

February 2, 2010
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Mr. Wild Dingo and I decided to host a yearly Mardi Gras party, partly because our house is unconsciously designed in those colors and themes and partly because we love an excuse to party! Last year, these two crashed our party and did this:

This is the consequence of uninviting a Siberian to the party.

So we made them pay the price if they wanted to come to the party:

"Does this crown make my butt look big?" (I swear sometimes he's such a chick.)

"Too ... many ... hurricanes. Can't ... reach ... punch bowl."

This year, we tortured them some more for this photo shoot. And yes, they are wearing real masks. They are not photoshopped. Why would anyone bother having dogs if they can't torture them? Here are a couple of outtakes from the photo shoot.

First the shots I used for the banner:

A nice side angle shot show his eye.

We only got a few good shots of Juno. She's a horrible model. She shouldn't quit her day job. (Which is....?)  But in this photo, her eyes are bright and alert and focused on the bag of Salmon Zukes I'm holding.

I went through a half a bag of Salmon Zukes, mostly for Juno. She's a demanding and overpaid model.

You can see what she really thinks about working. By the way, did you even notice the size of those feathers? I have the world's most athletic dogs who can balance feathers so nicely on their heads.

Later on, I tried the green feathers. Loki amazes me. When I first got him 2 years ago, he wouldn't let me put a harness or leash on him. He'd try to bite me if I put anything remotely weird on  him. Today, he sits perfectly still wearing ridiculous costumes and doesn't move a muscle until I release him. He's like my little soldier.

Now he's totally hammin' it up, because I'm telling him he looks so handsome! Even in those feathers, he still looks like he can kick someone's ass.

A disgruntled employee. I couldn't get Juno to sit still for 2 seconds. I had to bring in the big guns to help me get some good shots of her. Mr. Wild Dingo took a break from painting the new porch arches and came in to do her photos. And to think she still huffs and groans when he pets her.

There's not enough Zukes in the world to make her keep her costume on.

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27 comments on “Doggie Gras”

  1. OK, listen up! I saw that your mom is sending my momma all sorts of words about training. Let me tell you, if the end result is that you hold still for embarrassing photo shoots like this then I want no part of it.


    P.S. Momma says, kudos for the extraordinary photo shoot. What good dogs! The training begins in earnest once MM is over.

  2. I hope my mom doesn't get any ideas. She has been to N.O. for Mardi Gras. Beads were earned on Bourbon St. thanks to several "hurricanes". I think you both look soooo grrreat in your masks.

  3. Wooos! Oh woo poor, poor babes! I think I would behave just like Juno with stopping only fur some salmon treats, but those feathers? shredding my dear would be too good for them. I hope woo found this torture device later and did to it what all good sibes would do!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. I love those pictures. Loki looks great in both purple and teal and Juno... pink is definitely her color. My group loves salmon Zukes and if I even whispered that you're handing them out freely, they'd be packing their bags.

    Good luck in the Sporting Group. You'll be getting a vote from us.

  5. Woo hoo! Party! Looks like you guys no how to party-down. What great masks! And what great dogs to wear them so nicely. LL makes me wear stuff sometimes- especially the night the doorbell constantly goes off and the peeps give out nummy snackies to random strangers (usually they are little and pet me so I'm cool with it).

    *insert model voice here*
    Juno, being beautiful is so trying, and modeling is such hard work! I mean, to smile and pose and look gorgeous all the time? *sigh* A photo shoot is just soooo tiring. At least there were treats involved. Although, we are grossly under-payed most times don't you think, darling? =)

    Loads of Licks party goers,

  6. Dearest JBJ -

    My ofFUR still stands: woo are welkhome to a safe haven here in Pawsylvania -

    Sadly, I'm rescinding my ofFUR to RM bekhause he was WAY TOO KHOOPERATIVE -

    Sibes just don't wear feathers - PERIOD!

    PeeEssWoo: I wonder how many beads we khould khollekht by showing our P&J?

  7. This was so great! I love the picture of Juno with her tongue out and glaring at you. 🙂 And I do like the green one on Loki. He looks so handsome, but I think the banner turned out fantastic!!!

  8. Harrrrr
    Yer Cap'n would like to join yer party Harrrr.
    Have ye seen me Rang Tang ?
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  9. I love the picture with fuzz everywhere... your guests are standing around like that's just a normal thing. hehehe.
    Great modeling shots! Maybe when Darwin is older I can get her to sit still and let me put things on her face. In the meantime, I may have to be a photoshop dog dresser!

  10. Dear Juno,
    I think woo look mahvelus, dahlink!

    ~Jack a-roo (and I voted fur woo!)

    Furry khool how Loki's eyes are reflecting a green that matches his magnificent Sultan-like headdress!

    toodle woos,
    Moo too

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