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Juno Thanks the Readers of Mango Minster

Juno Thanks the Readers of Mango Minster

February 4, 2010
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Juno Belle Jodhpurs took the Readers Choice award for Good Sport category at Mango Minster yesterday. The starlet refused interviews with The Bark, Modern Dog and Dog Fancy and instead gave her first inteview to Wild Dingo.

WD: Congratulations on your win of the Reader's Choice for Good Sport Dogs category at Mango Minster Juno Belle!
JBJ: Thank you. Thank you very much. I'd like to thank The Mango for hosting this wonderful contest and the sponsors for offering up wonderful prizes. I'd also like to thank my whipping boy, Loki J. Starling, for making it so easy to be a "good sport" around a cracker insane dog like himself. I'd like to thank all the Readers who supported me. And I'd also like to thank Sugar Sweet a huge supporter and "get out the vote" promoter to the show. Without Sugar Sweet, many would have never known of my challenging lifestyle that has made me the "good sport" I am today.

Sugar will be showing in the Hard Working Dogs at Mango Minster and we can't wait to see her entry!

WD: What about your manager? Do you want to thank her?
JBJ: No. Nope. Not at all. I most certainly do not want to thank her. If I didn't have her, I wouldn't be forced into such a deplorable state of being a "good sport." I mean seriously, Siberians doing obedience? Siberians doing "sit pretty" on a plank? Siberians doing pilates? Siberians sitting in box and doing tricks? Siberians don't do these things. Nope. My manager puts me in these situation against my will and her better judgement. I didn't really have a choice but to be a good sport. She deserves no thanks. But, I'm a Sibe and I go where the foodables are, so I may as well capitalize on it!

WD: Did you notice how hot the competition was in the polls?
JBJ: Why yes, I did. I was really impressed with both competitors tolerating of their ridiculous costumes. I'm in total awe of Dory's incredible sportiness in that silly squirrel costume. I know I wear a LOT of costumes and endure a LOT of torture, but I think Dory's costume would have put me over the edge and made me a bad sport! I think she could rightfully have won this contest, paws down.

WD: Do you think you deserve the reader's choice award for "good sport?"
JBJ: Is this a rhetorical question? The Readers have spoken. I mean seriously. Let's look back of my life here at Wild Dingo. It isn't a charming life.

First there's the Costuming and Modeling in underpaid and uncomfortable situations as shown here:

"I'm hotter than a 2-dollar pistol!"

And here:

"I don't do Mardi Gras crowns. But I'll take that King Cake in your plate!"

"Seriously? Feathers? On a Siberian? Inconceivable!"

Then there's the Physical Torture here:

"Um ladies? Siberians and water are like Oil and Vinegar. Catch my drift?"

And here:

"Physical Therapy? Phooey. This is Physical Torture!"

I am a  24/7 neck biting recipient for the cracker GSD/FMD Loki.

"Just what every Siberian needs. A cracker insane FMD attached to her neck 24/7."

I was a good hostess to a cracker Rat Terrier who was only after one thing:

a peek under my jodhpurs!

The ENDLESS obedience training. I mean Sibes JUST DON'T DO OBEDIENCE. HELLOOOOO?!?

The Escalator riding. Ok that one is a fun one for Sibes who like to exert minimal effort in getting from A to B.

The trick training and box games where the FMD touches me while I sit in a box. Like a Siberian NEEDS to do more than look gorgeous to get a delicous foodable? Appalling!

And who can forget how my body was shamelessly used, without my consent, on the cover of PlayPup?

Sheesh, do I need to point out any more reasons why the readers chose me for Good Sport Doggie?

WD: What did you think about Judge Moose's pick for Good Sport Winner, Cookie?
JBJ: Dude. I'm only a "good sport" because of circumstance. I think you all know I could have easily been a good contender for "bad sport."  That Cookie doggie? Dude, she's above Good Sport. She went out of her way to help her human sister get a good grade on some school project. That's not "Good Sport." That's "Super Ego-less, Saintly Good Sport."  Ya, Moose did good in his picks. I also liked his pick for third place, Frankie. That dude has some issues, but he's such a great sport about them. I don't know if I could handle all those freaky snowmen dudes around the house during Christmas season. He's pretty darn sporty about that. And I sure like the way he eats antlers. And in second, Zack. I mean seriously.  Who could resist a sweet labradude like him?

WD: What did you think of Mr. Wild Dingo entering your category?
JBJ: No comment.

WD: Awe come on. This is juicy information. Enquiring minds want to know!
JBJ: Alright. But I want this OFF the record. At first, I was not pleased with Mr. Wild Dingo's entry. But I thought about it and realized that guy is ALWAYS hanging around me. No matter how much I try to rebuke him.  I huff at him. I run away from him. Yet he takes me to training and continues to pet and please me with delicious foodables. He can't help hanging around a gorgeous creature such as myself. And when I put myself in his paws, err, shoes, well, it just made sense that he enter the category as his way of supporting me. I have to admit, it was really creepy seeing him in Key West. It certainly put a damper on my fun at the Garden of Eden "collars optional" joint.  Kind of like inviting your dad to a keg party on a University campus. It's just not right. (Click Pict to Bigify the party pooper.)

Editor's Note: We're pretty sure Sibes don't know the difference between On the Record or Off the Record, therefore we believe it is entirely appropriate to publish her comments.

WD: So now that you won the Readers Choice Good Sporty Dog contest at Mango Minster, what are you going to do next?
JBJ: I'm going to Switzerland!

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23 comments on “Juno Thanks the Readers of Mango Minster”

  1. Wow!! Juno you are a winner in every sense of the word. I would love to tell you about the "interesting" conversation Mr. Wild Dingo and I had in Key West, BUTT as you well know, what happened in Key West... Stayed in Key West. I can say that he certainly deserves to be in the winners circle.
    Congratulations Juno!!!!

  2. Félicitations pour ce beau succès, Mademoiselle Juno.

    Obedience training, box game...?!?!
    I won't say anything about the nude pics as I found myself shamelessly exposed on a Meet-Up Group web site which will remain nameless, but, sheesh, Juno, were I in your paws I would severely sue the jodhpurs off Management! This sounds to me like the exploitation of Dog by Man.(Woman)

    PEE ES: The Maman still says she is voting for Mr Wild Dingo.

  3. Congrats Juno!!! You are definitely a very good sport and I am very glad you won because I can finally get this whole SQUIRRELLY thing BEHIND me!!

    Woo Hoo, you go girl!!


  4. I'm sorry - I voted for Mr. Dingo Daddy.
    Maybe next year he can be the one who has to wear all the costumes! 🙂

  5. Ha-woo! We knew woo'd win! We know beyond a doubt what a good sport woo are for not biting the head off your annoying cracker sibling. How much of a better sport can one be?

    PS - While we enjoyed Mr. Wild dingo's entry, we never took him seriously...I mean, seriously, who would take a biped in a cone seriously?

  6. So how many took the bribe of woo letting them touch the jodhpurs if they pawed fur woo?


  7. Wooos Juno! We are so proud of woo for winning! You are one great sport! I totally understand about the obedience training and Sibes, for some reason I am the Only Sibe at school!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  8. Congrats Juno. You should have won the big one. We also want to congratulate Mr Wild Dingo. We think he is an amazingly good sport and we hope his paw is feeling better.

    Fudge was quite annoyed that he didn't win bad sport and had been snarling at everyone all day. Tsar hopes you can support him as he competes for Best In Show.

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