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I Think They Like Each Other

I Think They Like Each Other

March 12, 2010
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"Hey big boy, you mind if I snuggle my Jodhpurs next to your apple bottom?"

"Sure surgar lips. As long as you keep your siberian cooties on your side."
"Sigh. Boys are so immature."

To think when I first got these two, whenever they were snuggling together, I would run to catch the shot. To be honest, I don't need to even do that anymore. If I wanted to, I could intentionally pose them in any position, by shear food motivation. I mean these dang dogs wore masks last month, I think I could (ex)pose them in any compromising position I wanted to!  But the truth is, I find them snuggling all the time in the early hours of the morning and late evening. Last night, they were nose-to-nose (bridges of their noses together) and this morning, they were head-to-head/ear-to-ear in bed. The tops of her ears flat up against the tops of his ears. It was a great image to wake up to. I really need to keep a camera next to the bed to get those shots.

"Just don't let my Formosan & Chi-girlfriends know I'm cozy-ing up to Miss Jodhpurs. I don't want Playboy image tarnished."

For those of you who would love to see your pals snuggle more, try doing motivational tricks with them simulatneously and feed them side by side--a lot. I think this may be one reason why they like each other so much. Or maybe I just go lucky.

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23 comments on “I Think They Like Each Other”

  1. We like to snuggle up touching each other too... that is, when we're not chasing each other around for some husky smack-down!

    jack a-roo & moo too

  2. Jhodpurs??? Apple bottom???? I'm hoping that my girrrrls see this and get some... Idea!!! I have little jhodpurs... at least for right now... Mom is starting to search the house for the... GASP... scissors.
    refer to my crap magnet post for her rational.

  3. I like to keep an eye on everyone and we all totally love each other - but we don't like to sleep touching each other. Except for Dave, who relaxes and sleeps best while touching MOM! Hee hee hee!

  4. OMD you and my mom related? Wait, you're probably twins who keep their cameras by their beds. Allow us, my pack, Loki, and Juno to introduce you to each other one of these days. BOL
    It gets worse on our end. M discovered a hat she can mount the video camera on. Wish us luck!

  5. We are not snugglers either, although we aren't too sure yet about the little one. She doesn't stop moving long enough to snuggle. Cute pic of these two.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. That will NEVER happen here, I assure you. Labracooties. Ish! But of course Loki wants to snuggle Miss Juno. I would share my bed with her in a flash.


  7. My male dogs like to sleep with their heads resting on one of the females. The females like to sleep with their heads resting on me.

  8. That is so sweet... pb and jelly. I wonder if they'd make room for a lil heeler boy.. ahem.. I don't have a sibling and need to cuddle.

  9. Aw...they look so sweet together! 🙂

    Was going to attempt to re-write my loooooong comment but am too scared of losing it again! So am just going to put it in an email and reply to other stuff too - sorry, I know I owe you lots of replies!


  10. I like to snuggle with TaiChi - she's very snuggle-able. Maybe when Abby gets older and less psycho she'll be a good snuggle partner. In the interim, I just snuggle up to Mom and kiss her on the nose when it is time to wake up in the morning! 🙂

    *kissey face*

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