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WTF? Wednesday

WTF? Wednesday

March 10, 2010
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"WTF are you doing to my Juno Dogtor?" 

Um, Dogtor Hilary, don't look back. There's an long-toothed Formosanorous Rex behind you. Stay perfectly calm. I hear they will walk away if you just remain still. Or at least shut their pie hole.

He may tenderize you before he goes in for the kill.

Or he may ask for a low back massage first. That's the thing about the Formosanorous Rex. You just never know what they will do.

The Siberian Hussy on the other hand ... is just shameful.

And usually grants kisses for free.

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26 comments on “WTF? Wednesday”

  1. Don't bitey her. THEY don't get even, THEY get better... and I don't mean better for YOU!! Have you forgotten about the temp. thingy that THEY keep in the Freezer before they stick it... there?????

  2. I don't know who's side I'm on here. One one paw, I don't like the vet to poke me with the needles. But on the other paw, I do like tummy rubs from the vet. I have a Steveasouraus Rex in my house. He has a major crush on the vet and cannot take it when the vet talks to me. He cries and barks and yells the whole time. The vet has to take breaks from my exam just to give Steveasouraus Rex attention. It's embarrassing.


  3. Loki! What is with that face of yours? Always showing off the gnashers. Then you get totally goofy face when your butt is scratched. No figuring you out.

    Hey! Hope everybody was in there for a healthy dog check.


  4. I just realized that (on this homepage) that the dogs' tail wags, when I put my curser on it! How cute it that.....? Of course, all of your photos and captions are the best!

  5. OHHHHHHH Loki....
    you face is sooooooooooooooo scary!!!!
    But you Doc looks soooooooooooooooo sweet and beautiful and seems Juno was very very happy getting attention from her!!!!!!
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....sure you're sooooooooooooooo sweet protecting juno!!!!!!
    Yes!!!YOu're such a special family!!!!
    And we must admit Juno is very very cute getting kisses from the Vet!!!!!
    Take care of you guys!!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks!!!!!

  6. Juno!

    We do NOT sit up like that!

    We are supposed to sprawl on the floor all loosely -

    Got it?!?

    P, J, & N,
    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  7. We all love our vets and we are very giving with the kisses. We don't usually eat any treats there - they don't have the good ones. But we do get quite upset if they take one of us to the back room without the other. Now we can't speak for the sister - she has been to the vet by herself and that suits us just fine.

    Woos - Phantom and Thunder, well OK, and Ciara too.

  8. Dang! I meant Loki!!! Shame on me. But, since I'm back, I should at least tell the real Juno congratulations on being a pawesome Sibe-hussy! Hope you got at least an extra treat.
    (Twinkie, again)

  9. You were just "looking for a dental exam"! That should be your story!

    June, I'm highly impressed with your sit!!

    Khady Lynn

  10. oh but how much we love free kisses eshhhpecially from gorgeous sibes
    oh and loki looks quite beastly he scared ush there for a bit.
    pibble sugars and wee wags
    the pittie pack

  11. we just furry much love free kishhhesh especially from gorgeous sibes
    and oh my what big teef you have there
    you looked quite beastly there and scared ush a little
    pibble sugars and wee wags
    the houston pittiepack

  12. uh, we don't know which is scarier -- Loki's toffy grin or Juno's sitting up like that. *shudders*

    jack a-roo & moo too

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