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The Princess and Her Turkey

The Princess and Her Turkey

November 25, 2010
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One of our favorite places to hang out is on this little bit of shoreline in Morges.


It's deserted enough during the day to give the dogs a little free time off leash. Usually there's nobody for the dogs to bother, play with. But sometimes we run into this guy:

"Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!"

"Holy crap. Did that sea monster just hiss at me? Maybe I'll just pretend I didn't see him and go over here."

Meanwhile the Princess saunters in:

"Hey now that looks like my kind of fun..."

Now, I'm not the type of person to really let my dogs harass wild life, but curiosity got the better of me and I decide to watch closely for a while, ready to call her off when I think she's going too far. Besides, I'm fairly certain that Swan can do more damage to Juno than Juno can do to it. Especially in the water. I obviously only have one dog to worry about with the Swan. And it isn't Loki.

"Princess, don't go near him. He's not very nice."
"Are you kidding Big Boy? He's a BIRD. And it's Thanksgiving!"

"Did you hear that Mom didn't buy a turkey again this year Loki? I'm thinkin' this will do fine."
"Princess, this spec of sand really smells so interesting. You should step away from the swan now."

"Never mind that. I"m goin' in..."
"Princess, I'll be your back up. So long as my feetsies don't need to get wet."

"Scratch that. I'll just step over here and be ready if that swan decides to come ashore. I'll be your calvary on land, K?"
"That's fine by me Big Boy. More swan for me!"

"Hey Big Bird, how about you be our guest of honor for Thanksgiving?"
"Come a little closer wolf-dog. Let me show you how to swim... booo wa ha ha ha... hiss hiss hiss..."


"I'm not so sure I like the tone of your voice Big Bird. And to think I was just going to invite you for Thanksgiving dinner."

"Listen husky, I ain't nobody's main dish. So beat it. Hiss! Hiss!"
"I can't imagine why you don't think I'm sincere, Mr. Bird.  (Psst. Loki! Go grab the gravy and stuffing mix.)"

"Princess, don't do it! How will I save you if you go into the water?"
"Come a little closer Wolf dog.  Make my day! Hiss hiss hiss..."

This is as far as I let Juno go and I call her to me.

"Awee, geez Mom. Why do you have to ruin all my fun?"

Nothing better than a husky running to you when you call her.

"Sometimes I get the weirdest feeling like someone is watching me."
"That's right dog. I got my eyes on you."


"Hey Loki, let's take a little swim around the shoreline and look for Big Bird again."

"No way Princess! Not if swimming means I have to get my footsies wet!"

"Swiss Cheeses Loki!  A little water isn't going to kill you!"

"Sigh. Why is it that I have to be the one to wear the jodhpurs in this family?"



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11 comments on “The Princess and Her Turkey”

  1. Hahahaha, poor Juno. These photos are brilliant. I can practically see her drooling. But I gotta say, it is impressive you were able to call her off so quickly like that. One of the reasons I rarely let Shiva interact with wildlife is that I don't trust her recall quite that much yet. The fact you can is evidence of how much work you have put in. Hopefully this will inspire me to get off my butt a bit more.

  2. Ha ha! I will never forget the day my airedale chased a swan into the lake. He was pretty full of himself but as he turned around and headed for shore so did the swan. Chased him right out of the water and started running after the poor guy. So watch out, Juno. Don't mess with those water turkeys. Maybe for once the cracker dog has the right idea. It could happen.


  3. Woooo, Juno! We'll come over an help woo "invite" Mr. TurkeySwan to dinner! (as long as we don't have to get our feetie-feets wet either!)

    Happy Thanksgiving to our Swiss transplants!

    jack, Moo, & the bipeds

  4. Great pics..Is Loki really afraid of the water? He really is a cracker dog.
    My grandfather thought it would be cute to net a baby swan one summer..Let's just say, there was a large fight and several competitors limped away with bruises. The swans were quite beautiful as they swam away gracefully with the little ones all together.

  5. I love it! And, I think that having any dog come away from something as tempting as a swan when you call them is an awesome feeling. But, I do understand the Sibe thing... But, it might even be harder for a bird dog like a Lab... We've never tried a recall off a swan before. Hmmm.

  6. What a wonderful recall! You must be very proud!

    Or do you think Juno was just waiting to get the call? Y'know if she wasn't sure she could really take the swan.

    Just wondering!

  7. HAHAHAHA! Um. Seriously. I wouldn't mess with that swan - it looks like it means business. I'd totally be running away from the swan (maybe not running TO Mom, as my recall isn't exactly 100%, but I'd be running!). I'm just saying...

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona (and Abby the Hippobottomus)

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