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American Visitors

American Visitors

November 26, 2010
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"Hey Princess, Mom says the TravelMarx are coming to visit. Do you remember them?"
"Sure I do, Big Boy. They visited us last year and stayed with us when Mom and Pop deserted us for a week."

"They took us on nice hikes."'
"And played tug with me every minute of the day! Sigh. They were so nice."

"It's unfortunate that we had to use our special interrogation techniques to get him to tell us where Mom and Pop were!"
"He must of really liked us because he looks so happy in this photo."

The TravelMarx have been touring Italy all month and their last stop is here with us for a few days. They're also known as the DigitalMarx because they do geeky computer stuff, like a long video of their trip itinerary using Bing and satellite map imagery.

Here are a few screen shots of their last stop:

Of course we live on the poor side! All our money goes into new shoes.

Very funny TravelMarx!

"I sure hope they bring some nice Italian treats for us Princess."
"Ya, I can't wait to sink my teeth into some fine Italian leather shoes."

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11 comments on “American Visitors”

  1. Hey! Nice go to mat, you two. I wish I could teach idiot PeeWee to do that and quit annoying me. You live in the blurry part of Switzerland, eh?

    Juno! Can't wait to get your chompers on the shoes, what?


  2. Love the photos of the two sitting, so sophisticated, side by side. Hey, I haven't given away those Danskos yet, Princess! Save your mom and pop some money - take my Danskos!

  3. I am surprised that more people don't travel halfway around the world to visit you two! I wish I could! lol Although, I suspect your mom is working hard to end tourism to CH. 😛 How much stuff did you talk them into smuggling in for you?

  4. We remember the TravelMarx - we can't wait to read about the wonderful adventures you all have once they arrive. Sure hope they aren't counting on spending lots of time shopping:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Mango - the blurry part of Switzerland - that cracked us up. You see, we live where Google Earth barely knows we exists. No road views (we would see that truck coming for miles) and the satellite views only zoom in so far. Yes, we live in secret (or at least where technology does not reach)!

  6. Oh Juno, what a feast is heading your day! Woosers, we didn't realize that lake nearby is HUGE! Maybe having that large body of water close by just makes your area foggy (hence the blur), like it gets around here sometimes. Enjoy your guests!!!

    jack & moo

  7. Our theory is you live in the rich part of CH, where they can afford to pay to blur the satellite photos to protect their privacy. And prevent invasion.

    Can't believe you were close enough to bag a swan and didn't. Jed has a DNA-ish need to bag & retrieve birds. "Bag" being an euphemism, this being a G-rated blog and all.

    Jed & Abby

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