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What the Heck is This White Stuff?

What the Heck is This White Stuff?

November 28, 2010
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Loki and Juno had their first snow, ever yesterday. Juno seemed to like it fine, but Loki really surprised us. He loved it. For a dog afraid to get his footsies wet or walk on metal grates or metal ground covers, he didn't even notice the white stuff was cold or wet. I don't think we need footsies but we definitely need a coat for him for long adventures. Any recommendations readers?

We took the TravelMarx on our usual walk to Morges, where instead of it looking green it looked like this at Independent Park:

"Hey Pop, can we go now?"

Demonstrating how an off-leash heel is done. Loki gives away my secret to how to do it effortlessly:

"What did you say Mom? That if I don't stay by your side that the gypsies will come and take me away to be a workin' dog with no games or treats? I promise not to leave your side!"

"Do you see him Big Boy? The little Jack Russel Terror? I think I like him!"

The dogs spot a little doggie who's eager to say hello. Against our usual "ignore the doggie" behavior, the little doggie instead came right up to us and Loki and him shared a nice hello.

The TravelMarx noted that Loki gained a little weight. Here he shows them it doesn't slow him down.

"I do NOT have junk in my trunk TravelMarx!"


"Ya and I don't even have any Air Jordan's on. So, HA TravelMarx!"

"Princess this white stuff feels so lovely on my apple bottom."
"I don't feel a thing Big Boy. You want some of my floof?"

In town we try to split up to do some errands, but Loki doesn't fall for it. So Mr. Wild Dingo returns after 20 seconds.

"Oh my DAWG! Pop, don't ever leave us again!"


Ya, I think he likes the snow.

What could Princess be pawing for?

Bien sur!


"Ya, um not that impressed Mom. Show me some action."

"Give me that tug Yammer Mouth!"

Mark demonstrates how to swing Loki on a tug. The thing is, Loki's gained so much weight I can't swing him like I used to.

"Mom, you'd better hold tight 'cuz nobody wins tug of war with me!"

Juno's turn! "What do you have there? Oh give it to meeeeee."

"That's what I'm talkin' about!"

"Mom, you're an easy mark."

Juno does what huskies do best. She borrows in the snow.

Later, under heavy protests by Mr. Wild Dingo, I insist on trying to drive to Bern. We got about 800 yards before:

this happened.

Thankfully there were several boys out in the street with shovels. The neighbors came by with some salt for us. After 30 minutes of shoveling and

a couple of pushes we got the car back into the driveway. Twenty francs later, we spend a few hours at home drinking cocoa with the dogs. Later we wandered back into Morges to buy a pair of boots. Yup, I finally got a pair of boots! But the bad news is: I need more than one pair. The good news is: Mr. Wild Dingo is not surprised by this.

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23 comments on “What the Heck is This White Stuff?”

  1. Tell your mom and dad to go someplace where they can practice skidding out in the car so that they get used to how that feels and how to recover. Momma says that the first few times it happens it can feel really weird and make you do the wrong thing.

    No doubt Juno will remain outside all snuggled in the snow. As for Loki, well, first snow can make even a rational chap such as myself a bit cracker.


  2. Loki tell your momma, the internet adds a few extra poundage. that's all. geesh. snow zoomies -- how funballs! except fur the getting the car stuck. so not your fault! next time hook up a sled to juno! heheheheee


    (great photos)

  3. What a great day fur all!

    They both look so furry furry happy!

    Yes, we Sibes love a good burrow or two or three or 'quatre'

    (Of khourse, a burro might be fun as well)

    Not only did we enjoy the post, but we are enjoying the khomments and advice pawed by our pals!

    Of khourse, maybe a Mango in the bakhk would help fur weight AND trakhtion khontrol...and he khould even pull woo free!


  4. You guys look so great out there in the snow! And an excuse to wear boots is a great thing in my mind!

    We swear by Voyagers K9 Apparel dog coats! They're pricey, but they do ship anywhere and they are durable as heck! You won't need to buy another one, unless you just want to. They make breed specific lines, but also do custom orders for dogs not on their list. http://k9apparel.com/#

  5. Woo, now you can share the fun! Sibes and snow mean snowballs,skijoring, sledding (of course Loki would have to pull Juno), but Princess Juno will have to curb her instinct to jump out and pull!

    Thanks for sharing your first snowfall.

    Our mom is still trying to hook us up to the big shovel to make us help clear the snow in our backyard. Ha she's not getting us to work, we don't need a path, we zoooooom.

  6. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pix. We've had snow every day but it doesn't really land.

    I think almost all dogs like snow because the motion of the snowflakes is very stimulating to them. Remember, a lot of their eyesight is about responding to movement.

    Honey gets extra perky on windy days too--all those leaves blowing around!

  7. If you are driving a back-wheel drive, here is your excuse; back-wheel drives suck on snow and ice. Really, really suck big time.

    Another time-honored tradition up here, besides using snow-shovels as dog-training tools, is to carry a couple of cat litter bags in your trunk.(The regular kind of cat-litter, not the clumping one)Benefits are two-fold; it provides you with extra weight on your back wheels, should you, poor soul, be driving a back-wheel drive and you can sprinkle the cat litter before your wheels to regain traction when the need arises. Seriously.

    Probably won't take you to Bern, but certainly back to the driveway, or out of the ditch.

    And this, fellow bloggers, was another priceless " Canadian Traditional Moment" by the Bougalou Bear, the Boston Terrier who doesn't wear a winter coat because he never spends more than 90 seconds outside, tops, in the winter time if he can help it!

  8. We can sense all the fun you all had through your photos. But we are so jealous of your snow. We so hope we get some good snow this winter. So now does Juno have something to do with your needing more than one pair of boots? 😉

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. FUN! So much snow! Maybe Darwin and Loki are related... she hates getting wet too, but its party time in the snow.
    as for coats, this is the one we got Darwin:
    Definitely cheaper than a lot of others we've seen and I think it works well. Though everytime we put it on Darwin her back end starts sagging... I dont think she's much of a coat wearer.

    Is there a new bet starting with the new boots? or does Juno prefer Dansko's?

  10. That looks like Southern snow: borderline freezing, so it's constantly melting & refreezing, giving you ice covered by a layer of snow. It's not driving on snow that's tricky; it's driving on ice. Why don't Yankees grasp this simple fact? But we also employ the REGULAR cat litter in the rear trick. [Like this is a Canadian invention!] Just be sure not to use the clumpable litter for traction for your tires; it turns into gooey cement.

    Love the Air Loki photos! Seriously, get that dog a basketball and a net.

    Jed & Abby

  11. Aw dog, we are so jealous! Your white stuff is just lovely!

    "We don't need no stinkin cars, we're huskies, remember?"

    Good idea to get more than one pair of boots- Juno might decide to have a tasty boot snack.

    jack & moo

  12. Yay! Snow! I can't wait until we finally get some in our part of Canada. The shovelling sucks, yes, but it's so pretty. Thanks for sharing your photos with us!

  13. Hold on, who's the Sibe here? Loki loved the snow more??

    Great photos of playing with the dogs. Our dogs become juvenile playful pups when there's snow!

    Looks like you need some snow tires!

  14. Living in the land of ice and snow, I'd suggest not driving when you've got glare ice on the roads! 😉 Actually, the cat litter thing really does work. This is the coat we got for the girls: http://www.ultrapaws.com/Ultra-Paws--Double-Layered-Dog-Coat/productinfo/603/ and they ship to everywhere but Nigeria and Estonia. (No, I'm not kidding about that!)

    Great snow pictures!!! Nothing better than flying through the air with the greatest of ease while the white stuff falls from the skies!

    -Fiona and Abby's Mom

  15. Great snow pictures!!! Looks like fun, but only for a day or two. Any more than that and it's just a pain in the rear. 🙂 I just made a coat for Jackal (posted about it on my blog), but it's not a heavy duty one because it doesn't get horribly cold here. I think I'm going to go back and read all your comments in case I decide to buy him one too.

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