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The Formosan Has New Clothes

The Formosan Has New Clothes

January 19, 2011
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Mr. Wild Dingo and I took a walk into Morges on Sunday evening at sunset. It was bitter cold so we tried out Loki's new coat. It was fairly easy to put on him, and he seemed happy enough to wear it, until it was time to go on the walk. He refused to leave the house. Internet, I totally am not making this up. He was like a stubborn preteen who was wouldn't be caught dead in something so uncool.


"Hey Daddy-O, those threads are fly."
"Izzatso Cupcake?"
"If I'm lyin' I'm flyin', Big Boy. You're so sharp, you're bleeding."


"Ah horse feathers! I've heard that wind before. It fries my fur when you don't feed me the straight dope."
"Alright, you caught me. You could stand one more greasing, you're not slick enough."


"Check out the golden gal, eleven o'clock. That's a fine frame, no parts lame."
"Big Boy,  you'd better have some crust if you're gonna sport that zoot suit for a dame like that."

Poor Loki. I guess we'll resort to the coat for cold days only and keep his integrity intact.

Here are some shots of Morges that night. I love this town. It's so magical at sunset.

A fog set over the lake, making the Alps appear eerie.

On the pier to the right, three bongo players beat some drums and the town was the most alive since I've seen it in months.

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19 comments on “The Formosan Has New Clothes”

  1. Amazing photos....no wonder you love it, so much. Bo has always worn sweaters. He especially enjoys sporting his holiday cardigans. Billy, at 7 months old, still is taking a fancy to rolling himself into a ball, just to pull it off from the tail end.

  2. Dude
    Crackahs always are stylin' Rule number 1- never listen to a hussie. Rule #2- crackahs make their own rules. I wear reflective gear, mittens, flashers.. It's all in the attitude- even though we look ridiculous.

    Ps beautiful pics-

  3. I just learned that Abby is like that. It rained (yeah, seriously, rain) this weekend, and in an attempt to keep the girls from getting totally soaked, I put coats on them. Fi barely noticed it was there, and was raring to go. Abby walked outside and stood there. I threw frisbees to within a foot of her and she stood there, ignoring the frisbees and sulking. I finally gave up and took her coat off her. At which point she returned to her usual frisbee-chasing self. Go figure... 😉 And would you quit teasing us with these superb scenery shots?!? Oh, and Fi wants me to add that Loki has most impressive chompers! 😉

    -Fi and Dr. Liz (who has just finished shoveling off the porch while the poor husband has to clear 8 inches of snow off the driveway with the blower...)

  4. Hahaha. I'm sitting in the jury assembly room at LA superior court hoping to be excused. Suddenly there's Loki, "ah horsefeathers!". My mirth attracted some stares from my fellow panelists. How does one explain -- oh, just a funny noir convo between two dogs in Switzerland.

    Thanks for the ill-timed guffaw, WD!!

  5. Knowing Phantom's reaction to his t-shirt two summers ago, we are pretty sure that coats wouldn't do well here either, but we do think that Loki looks very handsome in his black coat - it is very manly and stylish at the same time.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. HAHAHAHAHAH I dont know which picture is the funniest! The first one looks like you caught Juno in a midcrackup over Loki. And Loki's eyes in the 3rd one! man.
    We have a coat for Darwin for the rain and cold. Whenever we put it on her she walks with a saggy butt like it's weighing so heavily on her. Such a drama queen!

  7. Loki, we think you look darned handsome! There was a bit of a skirmish here to see who was going to gaze at your pictures first and longest! You're still the King of Cool in our book!

  8. You look great Loki! The babes will run to you.

    Actually, our Labs agree with you... they'll only wear coats when hanging around a campsite but don't like them for action-packed walks.

    BTW, I answered your question about my handlebars in the comments section. Bottom line - those are huge mittens that enclose the grips, brakes, shifters, and my hands. Really warm!

  9. I'm thinkin that somebuddy is a bit... SHY about wearing clothes in PUBLIC. hehehe

    You are RIGHT about the WILD WORLD of MangoMinster and I'm not even gonna MENTION the stuffs that have taken place at the M. Estate.

  10. I always laugh when I see doggies in coats. Thank goodness we are northern breed dogs and come with our own insulated "coats"!! Hawoowoowoo!!


  11. Come on, mom! A dude might be willing to wear a blankie in the privacy of his own bungalow, but what self-respecting GSD-Formosan mix would walk the mean streets in one? Just asking to be jumped. You don't lose the street smarts just because you wriggle your way into a cushy gig.

    Jed & Abby

  12. Wooo those are the funniest pictures. Photo 1 you both looks loco, photo 2 how do you get your mouth so wide Loki and photo 3 Loki you best hold on to them eyes before they pop. Great fun and the final photos are just stunning.

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