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Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire

May 26, 2011
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"Oh hey Daddy-O! It looks like lunch time!"

I know what you're all thinking Internet. That I have a screw loose. Well, that's probably true. However, how was I supposed to know those cows were grazing behind us, 100 feet from the Lake Leman where Loki was just learning to dunk, err, I mean, swim?  Cows in Switzerland turn up in the most unlikely places: 100 feet from the lake beach front or in a 50 square- foot garden in front of someone's home or deep in the forest. You just never know where they'll turn up.

"Oh crap! Did you hear that nag calling us? Playtime is over."

"I guess we need to take a rain check on lunch. A demain, cow-sies! A demain!"

Last week we went on our big hike to Echichens, through numerous farms. I put my balls on and took the leashes off. Both dogs heeled off-leash past a herd of cows who were an arms reach away from us.  We also saw two sets of horseback riders. Both times, both dogs called off the riders. In the shot below both dogs recalled back to me and I leashed them for caution. They ate treats quietly as the horses walked by. Then one of the horses sneezed. In a panic, Loki pounced the ground with both front paws as if bracing for an earthquake. But no bark. Naturally, the rider was amused and had a good giggle over it. That's my neurotic boy--entertaining the masses.

"Those big dogs have me wound tighter than an eight-day watch."
"You ain't whistling Dixie, Big Boy."

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7 comments on “Playing with Fire”

  1. Too funny, the cows here get out every once and awhile and peruse my folks garden, not a welcome sight...:-))

  2. Do we have this straight: in CH, the cows & horses roam free and the dogs have to be leashed or otherwise confined? Good grief! We think Loki was VERY brave and they both behaved with admirable restraint.

    Jed & Abby

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