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Trail Flirting

Trail Flirting

May 27, 2011
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That's not who woo think it is.

Meet Lady, a 10-year old Siberian princess. Isn't she just delightful? I swear Internet, Sibes are like M&M's. You can't stop at just one. And that face is why.  It's a severe addiction and it's why I'm not allowed anywhere near a Sibe rescue or breed facility.

We came across Lady on our usual forest hike on the Trout Trail. She was on the single track in the forest without a leash or owner and it worried me. By the time I came out of the single track onto the fire road, I found her owner, Chantelle, and Lady then joined up with us. We had met Chantelle before on this same trail back in March with her other white husky, Billie and a shepherd mix. This time she was walking her black lab and this beautiful Sibe, Lady.

Lady was a bit shy and reserved at first but Loki flirted endlessly with her and they played plenty of rounds of chase. But like many criminal, err, mischivious Sibes, Lady, who has a tendency toward thievery (as her Mom relayed her "fondness" for purses and sacks), tried to make her way into my backpack. That was a bit too much for Loki's law-enforcement tendencies and he let her know real fast that no amount of Siberian sneakiness, err, charm, would allow her to get away with such a crime. After a bit of noise, the backpack was untouched and all were friends again.

Bernard, our Kennel dude, sure is in for a fun surprise.

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8 comments on “Trail Flirting”

  1. Lady is a real beauty - look at those eyes. So what did Juno think about her? Bet they had fun doing zoomies.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Hey, if Chantelle can manage 4 dogs, we're confident you could manage a second Sibe. Of course, you might be doing it as a single parent. 🙂 It's great that Loki & Juno are making some play friends on your walks/hikes. Much more fun than horses. Or cows.

    Jed & Abby

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