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The Fun Police Never Rest

The Fun Police Never Rest

September 24, 2011
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Who are those two interlopers zooming up and down this farm trail?

"OMD! Mom just called. MUST return to her side immediately."
"Daddy-O, why do you always have to be a party pooper? There's like a zillion rabbits and moles around here and you gotta go rain on my parade."

"But surely Mom will leave me here if I don't come when she calls."

"Big Boy, I seriously don't know how you sleep at night with all that anxiety and OCD."

Where ever there is a river, Juno is its furry crocodile. If we walk along side the river, she's in it the entire time. Of course that just freaks-out Loki. He obsesses over her, policing, herding and play biting herĀ until she rejoins the pack.

"Daddy-O, I see you getting ready to pounce. I'm just going to do the grown up thing and ignore you."

"I don't know what you're talking about Princess. I'm just taking a quick drink in this lovely cold river."
"Hey Mom, can you do me a solid and put a leash on the Fun Police?"

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11 comments on “The Fun Police Never Rest”

  1. Bwaaaaa ha ha ha! This has so many shades of Morgan and Bunny to it! Morgan has to keep a constant eye on Bunny at the dog park. She just can't buy a clue that the Greyhound needs her space!

  2. I see in picture 3 what appears to be Juno taking a sidetrack off picture to hunt that last rabbit..
    Awesome to see Loki so relaxed around water now. Didn't he used to be afraid to put his little delicate toesies in the stream?
    Fear over come by the urge to keep the pack together.

  3. Neither rain nor hail nor dark of night would get us to "come when called". Its against the laws of nature. Says so right in the Rules for Siberians handbook.

    jack & moo

  4. You're still getting to run free, off leash, even with Loki nipping at your heels, Princess. Be grateful! Besides, every princess has to have at least one dedicated secret service agent to guard and protect her from the riff raff.

    Jed & Abby

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