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Broken Record

Broken Record

October 12, 2011
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"Juno. Junooooo! Juno come!  JUNO! COME!" It's the same song every Sibe-owner probably sings when they walk off-leash with a Husky. I'm constantly recalling her as she pushes the boundaries of straying too far from us. Generally speaking, she's not so bad off-leash, given she's a Sibe. If I catch her body language cues in time, I can actually call her off temptation.

Yesterday, she tree'd a cat at the farms.  I missed her pre-bolt body cues and by the time I figured it out, she and Loki were in full-sprint mode. Thankfully the cat cut into the vineyards rather than into a herd of cows or a block of houses.  Loki quickly came to his senses, popped his head out of the vineyards and returned to me. As we approached the vine row she was in, I heard her scrappy excuse of a bark. Juno rarely barks "boo" to anything.  But the cat was perched on top of a wooden pole and Juno was alerting in her wee, tentative voice. She looked proud of her bad self.

"Your little girl tree'd a cat today at the farms," I texted to Mr. Wild Dingo.

"Good for her," he replied. "Give her two cookies!"

Do you see what I'm working with here, Internet?


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12 comments on “Broken Record”

  1. Swiss sunflowers??? Do you have a yellow brick road too?

    At least all she did was tree the cat - it could have been a lot worse:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Look at the bright side - its a terrific way to meet neighbors. Star used that technique when we moved to our "country" home in OH.... except that she treed 3 cats at the neighbors. Of course, mom's Rottie girl Rosie came right home & told her all about it. Say "howdy, neighbor!"

    jack & moo

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