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Year: 2011

It's Complicated

"I try not to over think these things." Their's is a relationship beyond me.  On our walks, he takes control, pushing her aside when she finds a mole or bullying her into rejoining the pack when she's too far away.  In the house, he wouldn't think to take away her toy, food or her bed, even if any of […]

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Harvest Woo-lighting

When I met Mr. Wild Dingo, his home was filled with tons of sun themes. I like the sun. I like sunny days. But if given the choice of my favorite celestial object, sun, moon or stars, I'll pick the moon every time. And autumn harvest moons are my favorites. I don't know why I'm […]

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The Fun Police Never Rest

Who are those two interlopers zooming up and down this farm trail?

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Istanbul Top Ten

The Food. I didn't expect to like, let alone love, the food in Turkey. I tend to love mediterranean cooking and though there's no pasta or risotto, I couldn't help see the similarities to Italian cuisine. The olive oil, the grilled veggies and the baklava found all over Istanbul held a striking resemblance to my family holiday […]

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Just Say No

What are you looking for," asked the Turkish stranger on the street. "We're looking for the Church of Chora," we replied. "Let me show you our carpets," he said. "Why? Do you have a magic one to take us there?"

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In the Blink of an Eye

It seems like yesterday that we arrived here in Switzerland, but it was already a year ago. Time flies when you're walking dogs in a beautiful country. The harvest is here. The kids are back in school. Last year at this time we were just beginning to explore the farms and though now they are so […]

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Happy Juno-versary

Last week we celebrated Juno's 3rd anniversary of adoption and her 4th birthday! We were coming home from Istanbul so we delayed celebrations until the weekend.

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Farm Paws

"What do you think Princess? We're working dogs. Shouldn't we lend the farmers a paw with the harvest?" "Big boy, my definition of work includes compensation. I don't see any treats. I'll pass."  

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La Haute Couture

Yes it's what you think it is. In May, Vaud had an expo of apprentice confectioners. The theme was haute couture. Now this is my idea of good fashion.

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It's that time of year in Switzerland. The farms roll up their balls of hey and stack them neatly in the fields. I was fascinated the first time I saw it. I still am.

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