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Fairytale Whine

Fairytale Whine

February 21, 2012
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A few of you have asked about the castle in some of the shots I take and post on this blog. I've written about it a few times but not in-depth. It's Vufflens the castle in the municipal called Vufflens Le Chateau, population 781. The castle was built in the middle ages and is unique because it was one of a small group of Romand castles built entirely of brick.

Today it privately owned and not open for visitors. But to get a sense for its size, you can compare it to the Swiss Chalet on the right. That Chalet, which is probably now converted to either apartments or a group of businesses, is about three times the size of the Swiss home we live in currently. The castle also owns a modest sized vineyard that puts out a very decent chardonnay.

Not to mention, it's one of my favorite buildings to photograph.

We passed it on the way up to the Col de Mollendruz on Sunday for snow shoeing. I sighed and said to Mr. Wild Dingo, "Now why don't we live in a house like that? I could have a lot of people who work for me to take care of the vineyards and castle. They could even take care of the dogs and do the cooking."

Mr. Wild Dingo, ever so concerned with my happiness replied, "but what would you have to complain about if you lived in that castle?"

You'd think, Internet, that after 11 years, he would know me by now.

"The servants, of course!"

Duh. Like I'd ever run out of anything to complain about.

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7 comments on “Fairytale Whine”

  1. You should totally move there. I can't believe it is privately owned. If you lived there you could get about seven terriers.

    I love your outfit in the first photo.

    Mango Momma

  2. Oh please...We would also love the chance to complain about our servants!! Bol. Such beautiful photos. We will have our mama google this castle to find out more.

    There are 3 castles in Phoenix, Arizona, where we live. Only 2 are REALly castles though: Tovrea Castle and Copenhaver Castle. The other one is Mystery Castle, and it is VERY strange and not what we would really call a castle.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and HOotie

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