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Suddenly Everything is Right

Suddenly Everything is Right

February 20, 2012
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Loki went all Paolo Nutini on us.  He put some new shoes on and suddenly everything was right.

I'm so proud of him. Normally, when we introduce anything new to the cracker, its days at a time. It literally took me a week to condition him to the car harness, each day feeding him while getting one step further to pulling his legs through without him having a complete panic attack. This time, for his new shoes, I stuck a bunch of chicken in my hand and closed it like a kong so he had to work at it while Mr. Wild Dingo stuck his new shoes on his feet. It worked like a charm. And instead of giving him time to feel good in the new shoes, we just put him and Juno in the car and headed right out to the snow.

And though he still doesn't love the deep snow, he tolerated it much better this time and we were able to complete the full trail. We let them off lead a few times for zoomies but Loki pretty much glued himself to my legs while Juno bounded as far ahead as possible. Soon enough she grew tired of recalling to us every time she went too far and eventually just stuck close--87 feet--husky distance.

None of us would be doing snow sports if it wasn't for Juno. Just watching her bound around in the deep stuff full of glee was enough to make it worth the stress of putting 4 booties on the cracker and driving 20 minutes under his protesting whines.

Half way through the trail, he got some snow inside one or two of his shoes and he would stop every few minutes to lick or attend to it. Then I panicked and started to think about what we'd do if Loki refused to walk on. So  I started really hauling ass because I couldn't picture either of us having to carry a 70-lb cracker back up the mountain and to the car. So I took advantage of Loki's neurotic need to only being handled by me and we switched dogs. I took Juno while Mr. Wild Dingo took Loki's leash behind me. Naturally, that just motivated Loki to stop thinking about his wet paws and move quickly in order to stay close to me.

I'm evil like that, Internet.

He doesn't love it. But he's going to get used to it. Because doing new things is good for him. But more importantly, because making the cracker do new things entertains the three of us.


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12 comments on “Suddenly Everything is Right”

  1. Woo. My mom loves that New Shoes song. I hope this doesn't make her start singing it.
    I love the black and white photos. Black and white is THE color scheme - don't you agree, Juno? I thought you would!
    Glad the shoesies are working out, Loki!

  2. I love those snow pictures! You guys must have had a blast!

    When Blueberry was a young dog, we got the crazy idea to put boots on her. It ended up being a marathon twenty minutes of my husband and dog wrestling on the floor that I still laugh about. If only I'd thought to bribe her with chicken! lol

    I'm so glad the Cracker took to the boots so well, though! It bodes well for future outings!

  3. Mom's always said she is not a "snow" person and that having two wonderful huskies who LOVE the snow is about all that makes winter bearable. Kinda pathetic, isn't she?

    Way to go, Juno! Woo'll make a man outta da cracker yet!

    jack & moo

  4. Loki,

    You wear booties????????? Lacie falls to the floor giggling so hard she has to run to the door....

    Um, so ARE YOU AFRAID OF ME????? Most boyz are. And with good reason. Unlike Dexter, I HAVE TEETH, and I'm not afraid to use them.

    So do you think you could whip me up that amazing potato dish where you dip the potatos in cheese and stuff em in your mouth??? Sorta like crackers????

    Oh, and in the mornings during my stay here, I'd like a GRANDE hot carob, skim, with double whipped cream (if you can just leave one of those Swiss cows in your kitchen, I can easily shake it for the freshest whipped...) and those pretty purple sprinkles on the top. I dine lightly in the morning...just 2 fried eggs, once over lightly, BACON, hash browns with some fresh squeezed oj. In bed, of course.

    Tea time is my favorite meal....make sure the platter is piled high and deep with PASTRIES.

    My preferred tea? Oh, um Lipton. Isn't that what every cultured girlie drinks??? Just don't bring that stuff where you have to use the strainer...it gives my mentals fits to quote Mango, that slobbering beast.

    Now, where are my accomodations? I prefer a room with one of those big puffy eiderdown thingies....

    Do you have window boxes? Are the flowers purple? Well, I guess it is winter.

    Am going to go take a bubble bath.

    What am I to call your mom??? I do so wish to address her properly.

    And don't even think about trying to kiss me good night. I'm BROOMLAGGED.

    Miss Lacie Teacakes

  5. Wooo there is nothing better than seeing a husky running free in the snow. Sorry Loki, hope you get to like it as much as Juno does 🙂

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