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Those Who are Nutty Do Not Get Fruit Cup

Those Who are Nutty Do Not Get Fruit Cup

March 8, 2012
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"Maladive attachée," said Bernard when we picked up the dogs last week. This trip, Loki never settled down. Bernard had many dogs this time and apparently, Loki plays really well with the big dogs, but when he wasn't playing, he was barking, crying or trying to escape.

"I don't know any kennel who will take him," Bernard added. "He's sickly attached to you and cries constantly."  Part of me wonders if Loki hasn't learned that since I eventually come for him, he just decides to make everyone's life miserable until then.  The funny thing is, it isn't me specifically he's attached to. Loki likes us fine, but his anxiety has more to do with a profound (and I mean profound) pack drive.  He never experiences this anxiety when we leave the house, but he still gets a bit wound up, for example, when I go or Mr. Wild Dingo goes into a store downtown while the other holds his leash. While it's awesome to walk a dog like this off-leash, as he even keeps tabs on Juno for us, I'd much rather have him calmer.

While Bernard did say he would take Loki again, Mr. Wild Dingo and I already decided to put him back on Shen Calmer, a specific set of Chinese herbs that "cools" the shen in an anxious animal. Loki was on it for several months before coming to Switzerland and I weaned him off slowly when we got here. I'm also going to try adding a mix of Valarian Root and Skull cap I found from an online store I regularly order from in the UK, and use it for any of his singular occasions of high anxiety.

For the most part, Loki's adjusted very well, for who he is---a nutter. And I have no doubt that he'll get used to being kenneled and the herbs will help. But it won't be easy on any of us. Especially poor Bernard.

And if that doesn't work, there's always Nurse Diesel.

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9 comments on “Those Who are Nutty Do Not Get Fruit Cup”

  1. That has to be so tough on you and Mr. WD. But it sounds like you have a handle on what to do that works best for Loki. It is still good to know that Bernard is there if you need him.

  2. I think Mango Momma's got it right - from now on, you can only travel in those little RVs that fit on those little European roads, so you can take the cracker (and the non-cracker) with you. Mostly because I'm a big fan of enabling! 😉

    -Dr. Liz, whose dogs are fine at home for the day, and if you come in quietly, they'll be asleep, but if you make a noise, they'll start barking like Attila and his armies have just entered the garage.

  3. Perhaps I will have to "force" myself to travel all the way from sunny California to chilly Switzerland to take care of the cracker box while you travel the world??

  4. Ahh, Loki...there are just so many things I can say to this....I did spring you from the kennel...after a calming Lacie Smoothie...triple concentrated...

    And all that singing....??? Well, tell your mom you HAD to sing to me on the canals...I mean how could we have a romantic holiday if you'd been like BORING....

    It was an amazing trip....and the breakfasts were waaaaaaay better since I DIDN'T HAVE TO MAKE IT MYSELF.


    Miss Teacakes

  5. Poor Loki. And a gold star for Bernard. What's in that 'Shen Calmer' [is that some sort of pun?] that would give Loki the munchies? It's not actually from China, is it? We've had some more episodes here of dogs poisoned by and/or suffering kidney failure due to a chicken jerky treat made in China but marketed by American companies. They obviously chose not to learn from the poisoned dog food epidemic of a few years ago. The labels, of course, do not acknowledge the Chinese origins.

    Jed & Abby

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