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July 10, 2012
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While we're on the subject of my faux-paws, I thought I'd add another. In May, I posted about an Alpine herbal plant called Dent de Chien. I tried to research an entirely different grass called Chiendent because our walking friend Sylvie with her dog Mona, mentioned it often on our walks. But all my Internet searches only turned up information on Dent de Chien so I wrote about that herb instead. But once again, my smarty-friend Sylvie found the Wiki link for it and now I'm able to write about this captivating subject.

While uncommonly found on the Internet, Chiendent, happens to be a common weed grass found all over our walks through forest and farmlands here in Switzerland. Translated, it means "Dog's tooth" but its other English name is "Quack Grass."  The dogs love to snack on it while we hike.

And as you can see, the dogs hike next to fields of their favorite salad every day.

Chiendent or Quackgrass, also carries other names such as "Candle wick" and even "Remorse of Conscience."  Its is a very invasive weed that is one of the most difficult to control because of its ability to survive and multiply quickly.  Though quackgrass is native to Europe and western Asia it's widespread in Canada where, since 1923, it was considered one of the three worst weeds. (Boy those Canadians sure don't like Chiendent.) It is believed to have migrated when it became a weed in cereal crops and  followed man in his wanderings around the world. It got its rep as a top three troublesome bad-boy because it invades 37 different crops in 65 countries.

So now there's more reason for the Canadian-Euro divide.  An irony I'm sure (and secretly hoping) my Canadian pal Sylvie will have an opinion on.

"Troublesome tastes delicious!"

Like I always say: takes one to know one.

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3 comments on “Chiendent”

  1. Are you sure it is 'Quack Grass' and not 'Crack Grass' as evidenced by the Cracker's serious interest in the stuff? Even Juno looks a little wild-eye while noshing on it.... Oh, and thanks for the all-French page about Crack Grass - if I didn't recognize the word 'infesté' you'd think they were happy about the stuff... 😉

    -Dr. Liz, who has consented about a zillion patients this morning and needs a nap, but will instead drag my carcass down to my spin class, because I'm all devoted like that (or in need of exercise - one of the two...)

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