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Sentier et Sentir

Sentier et Sentir

July 9, 2012
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Internet, did you notice my big faux-pas in June's post on the Secret Garden?   My walking pal Sylvie (a smarty pants English teacher for French-speaking Swiss) pointed it out to me and I didn't bother correcting it. Instead, I thought I'd defend myself.

In the post, I hastily wrote the name of the trail that I walk as "Sentir des Truites," which literally translates "Smell of Trout" instead of  the correct name, Sentier de la Truite (Trail of the Trout).  Sigh. You say tomato. I say tomahtoe.

WHATEVER Francophones!  Maybe I meant "Smell of Trout."    And so my punishment is to use 'sentier' and 'sentir' in a sentence every time we walk on this trail.   I walk on it three times per week. Damn it.  

The 7 km trail, Sentier de la Truite, is dedicated to the trout (rarely found around here) and is marked by twelve educational panels. The trail follows the river Boiron and the wild edge of Lac Léman in a shady forest and has several points ideal for a picnic.

During the week, it's rare to see anyone on this trail, though it runs through the heart of Morges and other villages.

Though trout are scarce, it doesn't stop some of us from fishing for them.  I think I just found my first sentence for practice:

Mon husky sent comme la truite, à chaque fois nous marchons sur Le Sentier de la Truite.

Ok, I know that's too literal and the French would write it differently using  the word "l'odeur,"  but you have to give me props for trying right? Oh, never mind.

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5 comments on “Sentier et Sentir”

  1. We didn't notice. We don't speak French, so we just skip those words and get right to the pictures of our favorite European dogs, Juno and Loki.


  2. Heehee. Tank's French is way better than mine! But ya know, this is a DOG walk - I would think the smell of trout would be WAY more interesting than a trail of trout. Unless it was an actual line of trout on the ground. And then you should be ashamed of yourself. But since I see no photographic evidence of lines of trout, I'm going to give it to you and assume you really MEANT smell. Excellent photo of Juno, BTW - perfectly highlights the SMELL of trout. 😉

    -Dr. Liz, who is so tired tonight her eyeballs might fall out of her head, in which case, you could use French, Swahili, and even English incorrectly and I wouldn't notice... 😉

  3. Now...depending on the time of day and if the Criminal caught a trout...it just may be "Smell of Trout" during your walk..Perhaps it was a particularly smelly trout day when you wrote the post.

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