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Getting High

Getting High

July 3, 2012
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That's right. I'm reposting this same 'ole boring photo as I posted a few days ago and using it as July's masthead. Because I'm dedicating the rest of this summer to getting high again. Well, at least one more time.

We've become the Euro-cliché. Trips are lined up for two weeks every month. And I hate traveling. No seriously. I do. But I'm going to try like hell to squeeze in one more trip to Zermatt in September right before another long trip. Because I'm not done with Zermatt yet.

"Are we high enough yet?"

"No mom, now is not a good time for tug!"

There are too many trails and too many views I need to my eyes to see and my soul to soar.  I may be doing some of the higher hikes solo with the dogs. Anyone game to join me in September? No seriously. You'd have the cracker to entertain you the entire way and you'll  be on top before you know it.

"Getting High" Zermatt, Switzerland

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10 comments on “Getting High”

  1. Admit it; you're using that as your masthead just to say 'neener-neener' to me. I know you are... 😉 I'd totally join you in September if a) I didn't have a job, b) I didn't have two nutso dogs of my own, and a husband who would kill me if I left him alone with them for a week, and c) a valid passport (oy... how did I let that expire? oh yeah... something to do with not traveling internationally in years...). So I'll just have to stay here and harass you about your photos of that chunk of granite left behind by glaciers... 😉

    -Dr. Liz, whose boss would probably prefer I do something other than leave comments on blogs!

  2. I was okay with riding in a basket attached to a bicycle, but hiking up a mountain is another story altogether. Mr. WD will have to get his moral support from some other source cause this doggy doesn't do mountains... nope, not gonna happen. Perhaps this would be an opportune time for him to find religion?? BOL

    Seriously though Ms. WD, should there be a tragic accident and the Mr. falls off the mountain, I'll be forced to tell the authorities that you coerced him to go up the beastly thing again against his will and you were most likely capable of giving him the slightest nudge as to make him stumble......... well, you get my drift.


  3. Maybe you should go to London for the Olympics. Their hyper-security measures are making the news here and even the Cracker would have to admit you'd be safe. Or at least surrounded by SWAT teams.

    We're not in shape physically or financially to accept your kind invitation, but we are already anticipating the photos 🙂 Mama's favorite travel position at this point in her life is of the armchair variety.

    Jed & Abby

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