Same Circus, Same Clowns

Yup. We’ve been in this rodeo before. Over ten years now. It never gets old.

Of course, the clown (unidentified, but we’ll call him MWD) rewarding the criminal with cookies (seen in his hand) may have something to do with crime rates at Wild Dingo. I’m no sociological statistician–just the ringmaster at this circus.  I call this sideshow, “Cookies for Criminals.”


April Fools!

038/365 – I am fully recovered from my addiction to mastication. April Fools!

I guess the joke is on me. Sigh. It’s like I’ve never owned a Siberian Husky before.

Criminal Sibe Investigation


CSI Criminal Sibe Investigation  On a routine property stroll, a local mole tenant was found murdered at 11:03 A.M. this morning on a hillside next to his home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Subject appears to have been dead for over 36 hours. There are multiple signs of forced entry.  Eight holes were found dug out around the perimeter of the victim’s home. Subject’s body appears wet and mauled.  Fatal puncture wounds were found on the abdomen. No murder weapon was found near the crime scene. Nobody saw the crime take place, but witnesses claim seeing a black and white Siberian frequenting the area, alone, digging.  Continue reading “Criminal Sibe Investigation”