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Sea Dawgs Run

Sea Dawgs Run

January 23, 2013
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"Must. Stalk. Jodhpurs."

Sigh. Poor Loki. This is as far as he goes to getting his feetie feets wet. Juno, on the other hand, doesn't mind wet jodhpurs if it means getting away from the cracker.


"Hmm...it's white like snow, but it sure doesn't taste like snow!"

Does anyone else have a dog who tries to drink the sea water? I don't get it. She knows it's salty, but she tries anyway. I always bring a bottle of water when we walk, especially near the ocean. Because I know she'll be a doofus and try to drink it.


The ocean has a way of putting the giddy in pups.  Run Dawgs! Run!

To answer a few questions about the fast I'm doing. Yes, I've done them before. I try to do them once per year but typically only really do them when I'm feeling really bad in my body. Contrary to what lots of people think, this is not about weight loss. In fact, I've never lost more than a pound on any fast I've done. Besides, I'm too much of a foodie to give a crap about those perpetual extra 10 pounds I should lose.  This is about the joint inflammation that's been plaguing me since moving back to California. In the past I've done  5- 7 day fasts and felt really great long after doing them. This is a long one but I've had this unexplainable joint pain for a while. And honestly, no hunger pain is worse than the joint pain all over my body.

And no, I haven't eaten my best friends. Yet.

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3 comments on “Sea Dawgs Run”

  1. Love the pic of the two of them blasting down the beach, a levitating Juno ha ha.
    Sorry to hear you body is giving you gip again, sounds like your body is missing the beautiful air of Switzerland, maybe you will have to go back 😉

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