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A Love Story

A Love Story

February 17, 2014
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"Hello handsome! My name is Lily!"

Sometimes I think Loki is oblivious to the power of his suave, striking good looks over the (insert Barry White voice) ladies.


"Hello lil' lady. They call me 'Loki.' You're sweet as summer rain."

Over the winter we had a contractor building a wood shed for us. We've known our carpenter for many years and he's always loved dogs. He brought his miniature Aussie shepherd almost every day. Like my dingo Maggie, Lily was bossy, barkey and full of piss and vinegar. For Loki that is a recipe for love!

Note to readers: the following post is rated PG-13.


Each day, her dad would arrive with the window down in the truck, Lily's head popping out, crying with anticipation to greet her pals. Specifically, her new love.


After a few minutes of greeting, they'd take off on a round of zoomies, with matching strides.


Lily would yip and yap at him all through the zoomies, which made Loki only fall harder for her. He loves his girls bossy and Lily fit the bill.


"Mom, Lily's giving me puppy eyes! Please let her in or us out!"
Sometimes if we weren't outside, Lily would come to the door and beg for her pals to come out and play.


You know it must be love when Loki shares his toys.


"Hey handsome, paw it over, now!"


"Sure Lily, anything woo say!"
"That's right Big Boy! And don't you forget who's the Boss!"


"What's yours is mine!"  Typical female.


Then one day, something changed. Lily was sweeter than her usual self and slightly less bossy. In fact, she was down right charming.


"Oooo handsome, I'm not in the mood for zoomies today. In fact, I'm in the mood for a different type of action."


"Can someone please 'splain what Lily means by that? I don't understand!"

Poor Loki! An innocent in the ways of love.  Something told me his education was about to begin.


"Um, is this thing working?"

Yes, it was true. Lily was in heat. Luckily Loki was safe for her to be around, since he is without his junk.


Over and over, Lily threw herself against him. Once or twice I had to remind Loki to remain a gentleman, no matter how much Lily tempted him with her hussy ways. I'd catch him sneak a sniff at his willie, completely confused that it had a function for anything other than pee-mail.


"Come on stud. You can't resist me!"
"Lily, mom says I have to be a gentleman!"

And so it went, Loki resisted Lily's charms.


"Loki, we could make beautiful babies!"


"I see what you mean Lily."


"But Lily, no means no!"


"Well, you can't blame a girl for tryin'."


"I'll always love woo!"

Unrequited lust is a bitch. Literally.

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9 comments on “A Love Story”

  1. Ah Loki, such confusion, such love. Hopefully she will return when she is feeling less heated up so that you can enjoy unrestrained play time once again.

    Mango Momma

  2. At least this unrequited love story didn't end in someone drinking poison or something! No doubt once Lily is past her 'womanly phase' she and Loki will get back to the serious business of zoomies and Loki being bossed around! 😉

    -Dr. Liz, who loves the looks of confusion on Loki's face!

  3. The looks on Loki's face are HYSTERICAL! The photo of Lily looking (stalking him) at him through the glass is CLASSIC!

    Mamma Heartbeat

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