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Around Every Corner Mischief Awaits

Around Every Corner Mischief Awaits

February 10, 2014
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It seemed like an eternity passed before I could find an angle that would capture both the dogs and a good portion of one of my favorite walking spots. After a few minutes of positioning the dogs, testing the angles and arguing with the cracker that "stay" means "stay" and that "look" means "look at me, not behind you for squirrels,"  I suddenly had their full cooperation.  I held the shutter button down and told them how wonderful they were and what a great payment they would receive.

Call it my sixth sense or the fact that I've been around the dog block enough times to know that this wasn't actually cooperation. Instead it was curiosity.

I slowly got up and turned to see a cyclist quietly and gently riding toward me, watching the shoot, intentionally being careful not to disturb the dogs from their positions.  I breathed a heavy sigh of relief that it wasn't a deer or dog.

"Wow! What well-behaved dogs you have," he said. "They sit there so patiently for you!"

If he only knew.


Around Every Corner Mischief Awaits
February 2014


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6 comments on “Around Every Corner Mischief Awaits”

  1. I love it, but I wouldn't even try it with my dogs. The old one would be ignoring me ("I can't hear you, but I'm going to get this guy on the bicycle to pet me!"), the youngest would never sit still that long, even if you glued his butt to the ground, and the pack leader would be off chasing imaginary (or real) critters of every kind... zoom!

    You may not believe it, but the cyclist was right about your dogs. 🙂

  2. Heheh! I have no doubt that Nancy is 100% right; the cyclist was definitely picking up the vibe. 😉 Also, in my slow photography education, I am learning that it doesn't matter WHY the dogs are doing what you want for the shot, as long as they do it long enough for you to get the shot! Oh, and I've learned that with my pair, a fast shutter speed is a necessity. 😉 Fantastic photo, BTW.

    -Dr. Liz, who finally sucked it up and bought a used DSLR to replace the old DSLR we had that went to camera heaven after a visit to the repair shop to clean the sensor... (so I now have two cameras I'm learning how to use!)

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