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Boy Toy

Boy Toy

March 13, 2014
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It's beautiful, sunny, shorts and short-sleeve weather in March. It must be California. There's our boy, caught between his two favorite bitches.

We met up with Yukon, Loki and Juno's playmate and then school mate from a few years ago. She's the red head Siberian you see sitting to the left of Loki. To say she was thrilled to see Loki and Juno was an understatement by the leaps and pounces she gave the minute she caught sight of us. What a flirt! She play bowed Loki and begged him, and Juno too, into a tumble. Juno typically doesn't mind much who Loki plays with but now and then, she'll get a wee-bit jealous. While she was thrilled to see Yukon, she did have something playfully to say about another husky playing with HER boy toy. It was so cute, I was laughing too hard to catch it on camera.


"Don't worry Principessa. There's enough of this Daddy-O to go around."


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6 comments on “Boy Toy”

  1. What a happy trio! Looks like Loki would be happy to have another female to frolic with on a permanent basis...

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