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Year: 2015

The Nightshades

Solanum nigrum, garden huckleberry -  290/365  I often find nightshades (Solanaceae) all over my neighborhood in Santa Cruz mountains. Sometimes they are growing wild, like this garden huckleberry above. Other times I see them intentionally planted as hedges such as the flowering potato vine below.

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Absence of Evidence

Absence of Evidence is not Evidence - 289/365 Each day I walk the forest trails in back of my house and I inevitably walk through 1 or 2 strands of errant spider webbing. It's impossible for anyone to see it, but I can feel it on my face or bare arms in the summer. No […]

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Stachys ajugoides rigida, Bugle Hedgenettle  - 288/365

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  Craving. 287/365 I had a serious taco craving, Internet. And being gluten-free didn't slow me down. Tacos in Butter Bib lettuce is just as delicious as the corn stuff. Plus you can eat a lot more! And who doesn't love a lot more tacos? Mr. Wild Dingo gave this two thumbs up. He loves […]

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Foxtail Folly

Deck the trails with foxtail folly. Fa-la-la-la-la! La-la-la-la!  - 286/365

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Misfortune - 285/365 Some pup is disappointed in his fortune. The crystal ball did not show any treats in his immediate future.

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Unfathomable Boundaries

Leaf  - 281/365 Recently, I started calling my chronic illness Lyme-MSIDS, a named coined by Dr. Richard Horowitz who's treated thousands of Lyme patients successfully. Lyme-MSIDS stands for Lyme-Multi-System Infectious Disease Syndrome. The reason Lyme patients don't get better is because there are more things at play such as co-infections, immune dysfunction and multiple systems in the body, […]

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What to Do With Left-Over Cranberry Sauce

Vicious Cycle - 280/365  (Sadly, that's not my wine) Mr. Wild Dingo and I visited relatives in L.A. over Thanksgiving. I brought the cranberry sauce. It got rave reviews and I passed the recipe around (the secret is a lot of ginger). Still, we came home with a bucket of left-over cranberry sauce. So I made another […]

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Because, Bees!

Because, Bees! 279/365

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Black Friday

Black Friday -278/365

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