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Year: 2015

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks -277/365 “Princess, it's Thanksgiving Day and we should give thanks. I’m thankful for Aunt Diane to take care of us while Mom and Pop are visiting relatives today.” "Big Boy, I’m thankful you know how to open the closet door where they keep their precious flip flops and Danskos so I can show […]

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Leaving - 276/365

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Steve  - 274/365 This is Steve. I found him when I was raking leaves on NitWit trail. I accidentally destroyed his home. But Steve is a forgiving kind of fellow and allowed me to take his portrait despite the atrocity he's endured. 

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Slow Progress

First Slug of the season 273/365 This month has been all about slow progress. Some of the symptoms that returned, the lower body pain and feet pain, have slowly decreased. They're not gone but they're not as bad as they were. That's just how it rolls in treating Lyme disease. Sometimes you make huge gains and […]

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271/365 "Hand over that chicken jerky and nobody's flip flops get hurt."   Life with a Siberian Husky is always a negotiation. Our policy is to always negotiate with masticatorists.

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Facts about Bee Pollen

268/365 Woah! That's a heavy load this little lady is carrying in her basket! Bees can carry over 1 million grains of pollen weighing up to .01 grams in each pollen basket (half her body weight in total) located on the tibia of their rear legs.

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Harvest 267/365 Pears are a popular crop in the Santa Cruz mountains. One of my favorite ways to eat them is poached in red wine and sugar. Here's the recipe.

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Creeping Bellflower

Creeping bellflower, genus name, Campanula rapunculoides. Flowers are only 2-4 cm long. -  266/65

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Autumn Sage

Autumn Sage - 265/465 Salvia greggii, Autumn Sage, is native to southwest Texas into San Luis Potosi, Mexico. It's a hearty herb that grows in rocky elevations from 5,000 to 9,000 feet. It blooms throughout summer and autumn. Flower size and color are variable, from .25" to 1" and include shades of scarlet and red, […]

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The Most Interesting Dog in the World

"I don't always cross my legs in polite company. But when I do, I burp loudly to let them know what I ate for dinner."   264/365

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