Wild Dingo is a writer’s blog finding humor living with dogs, awe in nature and education and activism for Lyme Disease. You will also find posts about my other passions: food, yoga and travel.

Prior to becoming a writing & stories web-site, Wild Dingo was consulting firm providing marketing communications and web development for healthcare and technology firms in Silicon valley. Please note, I no longer provide these services.

Since getting mysteriously sick in 2006, I lightened my work load until 2010 when I could no longer work. Despite seeing dozens of doctors, nobody was able to give me a definitive diagnosis for the numerous symptoms that tortured me daily.  In 2010, my husband’s job moved us to Switzerland for three years and I took that as an opportunity to rest and gain some insight into the unexplained health problems that plagued me. I did get some answers while in Switzerland, but I didn’t have the full story.

Prior to getting Lyme disease, I was an active athlete, riding my bike 150 miles per week, practicing and/or teaching yoga several times per week, was social and active in my community and working full time as a consultant. Lyme disease completely stripped me of all of that to the point that I could barely walk, or hold the steering wheel of my car to drive. I had trouble focusing, couldn’t retain anything I read and struggled to write a complete sentence.


Lyme disease went undiagnosed in my body for 8 years and it wasn’t until 2013 when I moved back to Northern California, that I found my answers and appropriate medical help. Lyme disease is the most controversial illness of our time. At the moment, my full-time job is recovery from Lyme disease. As of this writing, over 300,000 people suffer from it. There is no cure and more often than not, no financial help from insurance companies or state disability to help Lyme patients fight the disease. It is a disease one can recover from but at the moment, since there is no cure, it takes a long time (from many months to many years) and expensive medications, often not covered by insurance, to fight back the multiple pathogens and improve the immune system. I’ve written extensively on Lyme disease and I am an activist for political changes to help those who need medical care they cannot afford.

When I began treatment, things got worse before they got better. I was bed ridden at times, even unable to read or write. In my second year of treatment, I am much more functional though I still have a long way to go. I try not to make Lyme disease run my life, so when my body is able to, I practice yoga, hike with my dogs, learn photography, and experiment in the kitchen. Of all my hobbies, cooking is my husband’s favorite. I do as much as I can to keep him healthy so he can continue to be strong for me too.  Despite the dangers of ticks and tick disease, I love being out doors, but take huge precautions for both myself and my dogs to protect us from the dangers of life outside.

I continue to write professionally, as it is my first love,  and if you’d like to hire me for a writing piece, feel free to contact me.

My name is Julie Starling. My husband’s name is Mr. Wild Dingo.

M.A. Psychology/Health and Wellness -1992
B.A. Psychology/Dance-1990
RYT Registered Yoga Teacher 200-hour -2008
Yoga Practitioner Since 1995
Amateur Dog Walker Since 2001

So What’s the Story the Name Wild Dingo? 

In 2001, Wild Dingo began as a marketing communications consulting business and evolved into Web design and programming. Over the years, I posted a few stories about the  founder, Maggie , a Dingo-Shepherd mix.   Full of piss and vinegar Maggie clearly had her own code of ethics so she was the perfect leader for a home-based small business. She was officious, demanding and barked daily orders. Living and working with Maggie became a discovery of life lessons for happiness.  Loud and seemingly obnoxious, Maggie often claimed, “I’m not evil. I’m just misunderstood.”

After losing Maggie in 2007,  I rescued two dogs in 2008 (Loki and Juno) and continued to publish stories about them to carry on Maggie’s legacy and mission—to live life adventurously and get outdoors every day.

Read the real story about how Wild Dingo began and about Maggie’s legacy.



  Maggie Starling “The Wild Dingo”
August 18, 1993-November 23, 2007

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