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Happy National Puppy Day

It's National Puppy Day! Here's Loki, aka: The Cracker, when he was just a wee thing in Taiwan, sometime in 2007. Even as a puppy, his penetrating eyes impart a heartbreaking story of abandonment, fear, anxiety and a desperation to find *his* person—one who spoke his language so many before misunderstood—to whom he’d gift his […]

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Even Computers Get Lyme Disease

Even Computers get Lyme Disease - 344/365 "It's as if there is some bug so deep in your PC that no virus program can find or fix, and it gets carried over to each new PC you get," said MWD about my latest technology drama.

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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks -277/365 “Princess, it's Thanksgiving Day and we should give thanks. I’m thankful for Aunt Diane to take care of us while Mom and Pop are visiting relatives today.” "Big Boy, I’m thankful you know how to open the closet door where they keep their precious flip flops and Danskos so I can show […]

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The Secret Power of Mexican Sage

Mexican sage has the power to make even the biggest criminals appear royally innocent - 249/365 "My name is Juno! My hobbies include masticating Danskos, books, purses, passports, Mini Coopers, magazines, dental floss, yoga mats, yoga pants, toilet paper, glasses, flip flops, boots, pens, mouses, keyboards, sneakers, postal mail, cardboard boxes, files, blue masking tape and […]

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The Happy Criminal

164/365 It's hard to believe that such an innocent face can hide years of criminal activities! She's destroyed countless Danskos (8 pairs), flip-flops (5 pairs), purses (2), mail, catalogs and books (9). She's overturned numerous trash cans, torn through toilet paper rolls, crunched at least 3 pairs of eye glasses. She's chewed up packets of […]

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Expedience or Obedience

Juno is not like most Siberian huskies. Sure she digs, chews and gets into all sorts of trouble. But when it comes to obedience, she is missing a few crucial Siberian genetics.

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Back to Business As Usual

"Seriously? This is the first thing you took out of storage?"

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Who is Savadear?

"Who is this Savadear I keep hearing about?" Two years ago, Mr Wild Dingo whispered that very question, which had been burning in his mind for too long, to a Francophone at work. Bemused, the Francophone laughed. "Not 'Savadear,'  'Ça veut dire,'" he replied.  The expression literally translates as "it wants to say" but actually means "it means."

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First Things First

"There's nothing worse than soaking wet Jodhpurs!" The only downside of the dogs vacationing at Bernard's is that in the winter, they come home smelling like smoke. All dogs are indoor dogs at Bernard's, and he and his wife seem to be smokers. But it's a small price to pay for the luxury of having them stay in a "home" […]

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The Methodology of Shoe Tasting

Recently, I went to a wine tasting in Lausanne. Scratch that. It was a wine appreciation because they served hors d'ouvres with each wine to help understand how wine flavor can be balanced with food. I don't know much about how to taste wine or pair it with food, so it was a great experience.  Who knew […]

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