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Jodhpurs for BT's & Hope

It was a pure coincidence that 2 BT's were runner ups in the Wild Dingo Big News contest. And since Dozer and Dotti haven't sent me a photo of their derriere for their jodhpur fittings, I had to go ahead and ship the custom made jodhpurs for Hubbles (who's alias is Bougalou Bear) and Mack […]

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Wild Dingo's BIG NEWS

And we have a winner. And some runner-ups because there were so many that made me giggle. First the news. Drum Roll please ... Wild Dingo is relocating from Northern California to Luasanne, Switzerland. I know. Insane. I can't even freaking believe it myself. To answer the obvious: YES we can bring our dogs, with […]

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Saving Juno's Jodhpurs

On Tuesday, Juno went for her first physical therapy session for building up muscle in her back legs. Of all the horrors, it involved walking on a treadmill-- underwater! And unlike many dogs who do this the first time, Juno picked it up quickly and walked almost immediately, without cheating. Afterwards, she went for a […]

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Say What?

Wild Dingo Big News Contest Clue #2 Loki and Juno are getting a new trainer!  

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The Pantyloon Blues

Why the long face Loki?  "The Internet is abuzz with talk of Pantyloons and Jodhpurs. Juno, Khyra, The Herd, the AO4, Phantom & Thunder, Kira... They all have pantyloons or jodhpurs!" 

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Masticatory Party

This time Internet, it was Mr. Wild Dingo's fault. He left the shoes defenseless against the perp. Two of them are his shoes. She collects them outside the mudroom for inspection of masticability. She prefers leather and animal made shoes and has avoided destroying the synthetic stuff. Nothing but the real deal for my masticator! "Ya, […]

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