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Reason #987 Why Puppies Shouldn't Play with Crackers

"Hey Loki, I'm gonna annoy you until I win and you will bow to my cuteness!"

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Puppy Secrets

"Hey, I have to tell you a puppeh secret."

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Role Model

"When I grow up I want to be just like Loki." "You'd better start doing something about those ears and cranking up the cracker little fella."

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Puppy Fix

Aslan's mom, Marita, and her daughter Elenor, invited me to attend Aslan's puppy class. OMG, like I'm gonna pass up the opportunity for all that puppy breath and puppy shenanigans?

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My! What Big Teeth You Have!

"You caught me! I'm not your Granny!"

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The Best Thing About Rainy Days

We have the beach to ourselves.

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Who Says Punishment Doesn't Work?

All I have to do is mention Aslan kisses and the cracker shuts his yapper.

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Aslan's Lessons in Charm

"Hello Mr. Wild Dingo! You seem like a cool guy. Will you be my best friend forever?" "Pop! Say it isn't so! Don't fall for this little pest's cuteness!"

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Meeting Aslan

Since we arrived in the 'hood, Ludwig and his two sisters have been asking their parents for a dog. Marita, Ludwig's mom and mother of two girls, plus 2 pet rabbits, had grown up on a farm and knew the responsiblity of a dog was heavy. All of her children are accomplished in school and various activities […]

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Best Buddies

This is Ludwig, our neighbor. From the first day they met two years ago, he and Loki were bonded. It's a relationship that has puzzled and fascinated me.

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