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What the Heck is This White Stuff?

Loki and Juno had their first snow, ever yesterday. Juno seemed to like it fine, but Loki really surprised us. He loved it. For a dog afraid to get his footsies wet or walk on metal grates or metal ground covers, he didn't even notice the white stuff was cold or wet. I don't think […]

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Yup! We Remember These Dudes

It took 3.5 seconds for Loki and Juno to recognize the TravelMarx. When I opened the door to let the dogs in to greet them, Marc leaned down half way to pet Juno, she lept in the air and met him half way, planting a Siberian kiss smack on his face. It made me melt. […]

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American Visitors

"Hey Princess, Mom says the TravelMarx are coming to visit. Do you remember them?" "Sure I do, Big Boy. They visited us last year and stayed with us when Mom and Pop deserted us for a week." "They took us on nice hikes."' "And played tug with me every minute of the day! Sigh. They […]

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First Base

"I'll give you a walk to first base this time buddy. But you'll have to buy me dinner before you ever see the jodhpurs."

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True Love?

Last week this little guy came to visit with his dad who was working on our outdoor masonary project : "Hello! My name is True. And I will be your mason today. "

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A New & Improved Search Engine

Yahoo!, Google, Alta Vista: Look out. There are new and improved search engines in town.  And they are a lot cozier than a keyboard and a mouse! "Hey Rolf, I heard it was your birthday today! Happy 4th dude." "Thanks Loki."

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The TravelMarx Visit Wild Dingo

Last week, posting was light because the TravelMarx came to town. I was a bit of a nervous wreck (which ok, is not out of the norm) because one of them is my brother and knowing that one of the two quadrapeds living here is a bit of a lunatic (I won't name names...but his […]

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Wild Weekend at Wild Dingo

No words. Hung over.  Caption anyone?

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Formosan Madness Hits the US

Loki, Juno, Mr. Wild Dingo and I hit Capitola this week for some walking, pizza eating and shopping. I just love taking the quadrupeds places. For one thing, it's bred into Juno to be an explorer and nothing makes me happier than seeing my husky happy, because she has a knack for acting sullen when Scott's […]

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