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A Big Sigh of Relief

Juno's home from the MRI. "Hey, it was nothin' Big Boy, why are you so worried?" "Well, I was worried that they shaved your jodhpurs, but I see that they are intact, thank dog!"

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Juno's Jodhpurs Revisited

  "I will tolerate you if I must."

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A Siberian Set-Up

Look what came the other day: A nice German Swiss fella with a whole lotta tasty nommies for the furry beasts! The dogs were sure happy to see the Monsieur Meat-Delivery and barked with delight. Juno knows exactly who he is and knows exactly what the 2 freezers are in our basement. She loves to investigate […]

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Cross Roads

Sometimes in life your journey reaches a cross roads. And if you're lucky, you have the support of a good friend and family to help you understand the choices. Or at least to help provide a pleasant distraction from the decision that is looms ahead.

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Juno gave me another heart attack this week. Yesterday I let her play zoomies with Loki in the outer yard while I changed clothes to take them for a walk. They zoomied for quite a while and then happily went for a walk. When we got back from our walk, they both plopped in my […]

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Siberian Pilates

Thigh master, low impact aerobics, Tae Bo,  Winslow Pilates, Power Yoga? They're so five-minutes ago. Siberian Pilates is all the rage. Juno's core- strengthening routine is making her a super star. We may just have to enter her in Mango Minster in the sporty dog category. Here's a little look into what Juno's Physical Therapy looks like. […]

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Saving Juno's Jodhpurs

On Tuesday, Juno went for her first physical therapy session for building up muscle in her back legs. Of all the horrors, it involved walking on a treadmill-- underwater! And unlike many dogs who do this the first time, Juno picked it up quickly and walked almost immediately, without cheating. Afterwards, she went for a […]

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Juno's Jodhpurs

Following up on yesterday's post on why Juno will be riding in rather than pulling a sleigh, this week, we found out that Juno has hip dysplasia. On a scale of 1-10, it's a 6. This of course is independent of the illness she had last month with an unexplained fever. You see, when the doctors […]

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