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Father Christmas?

Nothing makes me happier than to make Mr. Wild Dingo uncomfortable. So when our neighbor stopped me in our driveway Friday night to ask if Mr. Wild Dingo would like to be "Father Christmas" for his three children, I didn't hesitate:  "Yes of course he'll do it," I answered. Like I'm going to ask Mr. Wild Dingo his […]

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Nobody's Pigeon

What is a dove, But a pigeon With higher aspirations. May your new year be filled with Hopes and dreams attained, Peace and prosperity gained, And may you be, Nobody's pigeon.

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Tabula Rasa

C'est Complet. It's time to wash the slate clean and begin again. But before we do anything, we're taking the week off for some fun.  We'll be back next week with plenty of  adventures and mastication tales. Bonne Année!

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Holiday Spirit

  I'm not much of a holiday person. In fact, it wouldn't be a stretch to call me Scrooge or Grinch on the holidays. I roll my eyes every time I see ridiculously overly decorated homes. I don't put up a tree, but I'll decorate the house a bit with lights, holiday colors and candles. […]

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Doggie Gras

Mr. Wild Dingo and I decided to host a yearly Mardi Gras party, partly because our house is unconsciously designed in those colors and themes and partly because we love an excuse to party! Last year, these two crashed our party and did this:

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Happy Woo Year!

A day late and a dollar short on my masthead this month. I must be setting the stage for low expectations for the coming months!  This month's header celebrates the blue moon we had on New Year's Eve 2009. Apparently, the next time we will see a blue moon on New Year's eve is 2028. […]

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Sugar Plums?
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Trypto-Faint 2009

Loki and Juno couldn't resist Sugar's fabulous idea to have a little fun and torch ... err ... torture a poor turkey, and probably a few vegetarians in the audience. (No turkeys were injured or killed in the production of the above photo. The views expressed above are not necessarily, yet could very well be, the […]

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Second Annual Rockin' July 4th Holiday Week

Last July 4th, Wild Dingo’s rock star lifestyle took a back seat to a white picket fence and dog yard for our wild beast. This year, Mr. Wild Dingo wielded the tool belt and power tools to build a tree house—for the dogs. And as usual, it took a lot of work on both our parts. […]

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