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Sometimes Crime Does Pay

"Hey Daddy-O! Mom looks like she's packin plenty of profit in those high pockets. How about you put your paw down and demand a toll for this bridge?" "Don't worry Princpessa, it's in the bag. She's an easy mark, a real rube. We're big rough wild dogs and crime is the price she pays. There's […]

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Happy National Puppy Day

It's National Puppy Day! Here's Loki, aka: The Cracker, when he was just a wee thing in Taiwan, sometime in 2007. Even as a puppy, his penetrating eyes impart a heartbreaking story of abandonment, fear, anxiety and a desperation to find *his* person—one who spoke his language so many before misunderstood—to whom he’d gift his […]

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My Girl Juicy

Now this dog. This dog doesn't have a cruel bone in her body. During this year's rutting season, I stopped carrying treats due to yellow jacket population. Without treats, Juno turned to her innate Siberian resolve of doing whatever she damn well pleases. Her recall slipped to the point where she would only wait for […]

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Happy Juno-versary!

Even at 9 year's old, Juno still practices a life of crime. Never change Juicy. We love you exactly how you are. Eight years ago adopted and 9 years of youth. Happy Anniversary my beautiful girl.

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Siberian Negotiations

Juno eyed her mom working in the herb garden through the morning mist. She raised her nose in the air, considered hunting for moles, but decided to head down the path to the orchard and help herself to an apple. While she enjoys playing with the treasures she picks from the tree, she prefers the […]

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Scent of a Siberian

There's a new boy in the 'hood. While Loki was recovering from knee surgery, Juno got to know the new young stud on our walks. Orion was smitten with my kitten and always invited her to play. It didn't take long for Juno to fall hard for this fellow and now every time we walk […]

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Mistaken Identities

Once again, Juno proves that she is really a German Shepherd in a Siberian Husky suit. Coming back from our walk, I unleashed the dogs once we got onto the pasture on our property. She immediately put her nose to the ground and followed a scent. As soon as we go to Upper Nitwit trailhead, we found […]

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Search & Rescue Ray Ban

Yesterday, I lost a great pair of Ray Ban sunglasses on a dog walk. Since my search dog, Loki, is on the down low recovering from TPLO surgery, I couldn't ask him to help find them. Both dogs are informally trained at finding objects scented like me on our trail walks since I'm always losing […]

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Husky Garden Humor

"I think therefor, I Yam," laughs Juno as she mocks my plans for a vegetable garden this year. "Hard work doesn't harm anyone, but I do not want to take any chances." Juno bestows her garden work ethic as she seistas between the magnolia tree and flower bed. Meanwhile, my own work ethic is summed up […]

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New Sprout in our Vegetable Bed

Oh Look! Our new vegetable bed sprouted a husky and we didn't even plant any seeds! Mr. Wild Dingo warned me not to water it because "the last thing we need is more huskies." Don't worry Internet, I already offered Juno a pair of his flip-flops for that kind of sass. Ps. This is a […]

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